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In response to a comment I received from @BethyLizzy, I decided to post another article on Psychology. (So, yes! I do listen to the comments.) I hope you like this too.

1. The More You Worry, The More Likely to Happen.

This is coined from Murphy’s Law, which states, “things will go wrong in any given situation, if you give them a chance to”, or more commonly, “whatever can go wrong will go wrong.”[Wikipedia]

Although this has not been proved scientifically, the evidence seems to suggest that it’s true. The days you don’t submit assignments are the day the teacher will remember to ask. The days you don’t come to class are the days the teacher will take attendance. That one day you choose not to take an umbrella is the day that rain will fall.

Sometimes, things don’t turn out the way we want them to—that’s perfectly normal. Adapt and move on.

2. The Relationship between Flaunting and Inner Distrust.

Well, who has not, at a point in time, felt the need to show off, uh? However, if you do this very often, you may have to start paying attention to that.

According to psychology, you do so because you don’t have something much, so when you do have it, you try to build confidence with the envy of the outside world.

In reality, it shows that you’re probably insecure and need attention. If you know you’re amazing, and you believe others consider you amazing, you definitely do not need to show off.

Finally, showing off is your mind’s attempt to improve your image (especially in front of people you want to impress). You will only try to improve your image if you think something is wrong with it.

3. Lying Children are more likely to Succeed.                                                

Surprised? Same here!

I remember as a child; I used to hope that lying should not be made a sin, so that I’d be able to enter heaven. Mehn! I was that deep. I don’t think a day passed me by without me lying. Thank God for small mercies.

Anyways, research has found out that 50% of three-year olds lie, 90% of four-year olds cheat, and almost all twelve-year olds lie. (Damn! Must be that Adamic nature.)

Interestingly, lying is actually a sign of cognitive development, and children like this are more likely to become leaders.

(This is not—in any way—an excuse not to correct them, please do. But still take this as top-secret knowledge #wink).

4. If You’re Distracted for No Reason, It Means You’re Missing Someone.

Well, this is self-explanatory. Make sure you call that “someone” today!

5. Happiness is Contagious.

It’s true! Surrounding yourself with happy, positive people usually makes you optimistic and happy. And I have the research to prove it.

According to the British Medical Journal, knowing happy people increases your chances of becoming happy by 15.5%, and meeting happy friends increases it by 9.8%.

Always remember, loving is compulsory but friendship is by choice.

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