Timini The Cheerful Giver. (A short story)

Who is Timini? 

Timini is a fresh guy that you can never catch unfresh. Mr. Fine face, cute smile, dress to kill gang that always smells nice. I remember how Timini was blaming Kiddwaya for Erica’s disqualification. According to him, Kiddwaya did not do enough to stop Erica from doing the most. 

Wow! What a man. 

Check Timini’s records, he is always there for the ladies, a perfect ladies man. Baba did a YouTube video advising ladies on how to denote a player and recognize red flags. Wow! A perfect gentlemen protecting the hearts of ladies since 1990. Well, except for aunty Lydia’s heart. Lord Future would be proud of Timini! What a legendary toxic king!

Who is Aunty Lydia?

Lydia is the lady that should have listened to Timini’s video and noted that he was describing himself. Lydia is Timini’s girlfriend. Fine girl, classy and sexy. She is always posting about self-worth but I guess lately people tell lies even to themselves. Just when we thought Timini and Lydia were the perfect couple, aunty Toju came to destroy the table. Since yesterday we have been looking for a carpenter to fix this table but they all failed.

Who is Aunty Toju?

Toju is a fine girl that does not believe in girl code. When they said women should support women, Toju left the group chat and blocked the admin. She is Timini’s side piece, that knows the main chick but does not give a damn! Before you blame Toju, “have you met Timini?” 

Apart from her day job, Lydia is apparently a fighter for love as Toju claims she wants to fight her over Timini. Damn! My gender stays embarrassing me.

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Dear ladies, if you meet brother Timini in church and he says he has enough to go round; best believe he is not talking about the Lord’s blessing. No ooooh! Baba is simply a cheerful giver of himself to the ladies. Like I said Lord Future would be proud. As a proud Lord Future’s stan, Timini is enjoying the drama.

Alright, jokes apart! Timini is obviously for the STREET. When a person is for the street, they will cheat and embarrass you no matter how good looking or amazing you are. Future did it to Ciara, and Timini is doing it to Lydia. I hope Lydia is wise enough to walk away.

Obviously, Timini is one of the hottest Nollywood actors, it still doesn’t excuse his irresponsible actions. No one should be so important that you lose your self worth over them. It is better to deal with the pain of walking away than bearing the shame of staying while you are steadily disgraced and disrespected.

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Both Lydia and Toju should meet up and make a pact to never make a man make them look stupid ever again. 

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