There is madness in the air, a raving madness carried and spread by humans with their consciousness intact. Sane humans displaying insanity though roaming the street looking all sane. It’s a pity that the mirror does not reflect the true nature of man, since appearance has proven to be misleading.  

Chaos has struck up to our foundation, and left it shattered.  As children, we were told to be cautious of mad people, little did we know that a time will come when the supposed MADMEN will showcase SANITY  than the supposed SANE.

Yes! It is a special breed of madness that has made men so cruel, so cruel that they would commit all sorts of atrocities against their fellow humans. 

The land is soaked with innocent blood, as prayers are said to bury the dead, more than thanks are given for meals in Southern Kaduna.

Rape stories fill the air as women are continuously defiled, traumatized and scarred for life. Why take someone’s life just to derive five minutes of pleasure? This is the height of greed and selfishness. Sincerely, monsters are not beasts with claws, they are humans devoid of conscience.

Our heart bleeds as our sons and daughters are unjustly killed by those meant to protect them. How many cases of police brutality have we experienced this year? 

I’m in awe to see how a man’s life can be judged as meaningless simply because of the color of his skin. To think we had to chant BLACK LIVES MATTERS, before justice can be served in 2020, is an absurdity that shows how underdeveloped the world is! Where is the so-called civilization, when shallow ideas like racism and tribalism continue to prevail?

Frankly, 2020 isn’t going on track, so should we term this year a bad omen? Will the atrocities come to an end when the year is over? Honestly, I wish this was the case, then we would just have to count down and wait for a new year. Unfortunately, 2020 isn’t the cause of our woes.

Factually, we had it coming, including the pandemic. If as a global village the world came together in 2019 to take proactive measures against the raging virus in China, we probably would have averted a pandemic. Sad but true.

Honestly, our depleting humanity has led to where we are today. The untold truth, lies, and irresponsible approach of governance has led to chaos and anarchy in different countries across the continents. Altruism keeps diminishing, while egoism is on a rampage. There is a crucial need to redirect our steps before we become an endangered species, endangered by our very own selves.

I’m not a prophet of doom, but life won’t get better if we don’t act better! Being keyboard warriors will do absolutely nothing. Hashtags, Protests, and Outrage will influence the outcome of situations, but it won’t proffer a lasting solution. This is because, “The problem is not really the problem. The cause of the problem is the actual problem.” Until that is dealt with, these sad situations will continue.

Man inhumanity to his fellow man is the primary reason for most of our woes. In a nutshell, we are the authors of our own doom, a bane to our very own race. The greatest danger to the human race is man itself. What a twist of fate.

Therefore, we need to retrace our steps back to the “GOLDEN RULE.” If we all treat each other the way we want to be treated we won’t hurt anyone. This is the human consciousness we need to awaken in order to deplete this raving madness before it destroys us all. 

When we adhere to the golden rule, we won’t discriminate, defraud, rape, rob, or torture anyone. However, this change begins with you and I. We need to be better so as to return our world to sanity. 

Dear folks, quit raving mad!

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