Shocking Ways the Bible is Used to Justify Evil.

What if I tell you that bad behavior is the new cool? Would you be able to confidently debunk my stance? Would it be a lie if I say bad behavior receives the highest applause, and the idea of “don’t judge” is used to justify all manner of ills? In fact, the Bible is now used as a tool to support evil. Honestly, just as humans can create paradise in a desert, they equally strive to destroy the purest things.

It is crazy how as the day goes by the line between right and wrong gets fainter. Sometimes it feels like it is almost fully depleted. You would think the Bible would solely serve as a guide towards the right part, but the children of Eve have successfully twisted its teachings to suit their narratives. 

Don’t Judge; So You Shall Not be Judged. (Luke 6:37).

Lately, you cannot confidently call out a wrong, without being reminded that “thou shall not judge.” I wonder how the next generation would learn to do things right. In fact, the moment a wrong is committed and you utter a word against it you are thrown with this biblical quote. Suddenly, you who chose to speak up for the truth are emotionally blackmailed and painted as the one that has sinned.

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He Without A Sin Should be the First to Cast A Stone (John 8:7).

When an obvious wrong is committed we are quickly reminded that in the scriptures it is written “that he without sin should be the first to cast a stone.” Since all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of the lord (Roman 3:23) none of us has the right to condemn an evil act. Damn! I fear for the next generation. How will they learn?

Thanks to this thought pattern, you will see people justifying fraud, adultery, prostitution, drug trafficking, and lots more. Dearly beloved, if you criticize an outfit for being indecent you are called a busybody that needs to be reminded that according to the scriptures “it is what is in the heart that matters.”

Bad Behavior is the New Cool.

Being real lately is associated with showcasing bad behavior. The one that displays humility, love, care, and kindness is being nothing but pretentious. The one that keeps calm while being insulted is simply manipulative. The one that is rude, quick to insult, and reek of negativity is the realest.

A man that shows love is best described as foolish. The one that successfully plays the heart of many like a ball passed around in the field is hailed as a real man. In a world in which the upright is judged as foolish, it is really hard to stay on the path of morality. Yet we wonder why evil keeps flourishing. 

Do you feel discouraged? Don’t be! Remember, they can twist the Bible all they want but their hands will forever remain too short to box with God. The sun will rise each day and set without a care for their narratives, and so should you. Just ensure you live an authentic life and never follow the crowd

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