Is Davido’s New Song ‘FEM’ A Diss Song To Burna Boy?….Here is the answer.

Nigerian Musician and DMW Boss, Davido, finally returned to Social Media on September 10th, after his long break since June 1. In his last post, before he went off Social Media, Davido disclosed that he needed a break from Social Media because he needed space and some cleansing to do in his life.


Davido made his comeback to social media, with a tweet, where he talked about people that talk about others, and do not understand other people’s shine and grace, and those that don’t understand why they don’t have what others have. He also announced the release of his new music, titled FEM.


The Blow My Mind Crooner, took to Instagram to share a clip of his new music video. His new single, FEM has buzzed a lot of reactions from fans, with many fans wondering whether FEM is a diss song directed to self acclaimed African Giant, Burna Boy.

Visuals from FEM’s music video.


Are you also among those wondering if Davido’s FEM is a diss song?. Well, wonder no more, Because YES!, FEM’ is indeed a threat to Burna Boy. From the lyrics of the song, it is easily accessible that the song poses as a direct threat to Burna Boy.


According to Pulse, From the look of things, ‘FEM’ is a direct reply/diss/threat to Burna Boy. 

 In the first lines of the song, Davido sang, “E be like you don dey talk too much, small talk you don dey talk talk, fem. O boy, you don dey do too much, small talk you don dey look who talk, fem…”

Then the shots and threats began, “Person wey dey find pity, nor dey do me itty bitty. You wan know 30 BG, you go know 30 GB when you see 30 BG…” What really gave Davido away was, “Then Odogwu say we ‘Like To Party’ just call me…:”

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The diss track, FEM, didn’t come as a big shock to fans, as Davido and Burna Boy have been in a feud for some time now.

The feud is suspected to have started when Davido came out on SocialMedia describing himself and Wizkid as the greatest of all time.

Burna Boy allegedly clapped back with a Snapchat post which he later deleted, that said, “You cannot play football, everybody knows you cannot play football and you are an embarrassment to the team but your daddy bought the football team.”

However, Burna Boy didn’t mention names, but fans were quick to react to his post on social media.

With Davido’s new diss song, FEM, making rounds on Social Media. Fans await Burna Boy’s Reaction/Reply to the diss Song directed to him.

What do you think will be Burna Boy’s reply to the Davido’s diss song?. Feel free to join the discussion by leaving your comments in the comment section below.

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