At some point in our active sexual life, we have been faced with this question, the thought has crossed our minds and planted reasons why we should wear one but then false hope and assurance – that our fresh partner no fit carry – betrays our sense of reasoning and leads us to continue without using one. And most of the time it ends in tears. The decision to wear one sometimes isn’t easy to make. We are presented with different reasons why it isn’t important to wear one such as:

  • I’m sensitive to latex
  • My partner may think say I carry
  • I won’t enjoy it
  • It would reduce the pleasure
  • I’m safe
  • My pull-out game is powerful
  • I don’t have one at the moment.

But we all know the various risks associated with unprotected casual sex: Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), Sexually Transmitted Diseases ( STDs), Pregnancy etc. So far there are no known disadvantages of wearing a condom except that it must be handled with care else it would tear and a torn condom is 100% useless and also that some persons react to latex, a component of most condoms.

In our world today, with the increasing rate of poverty, it is not ideal to bring a child into this world without proper planning. Birthing a child is a lifetime journey, so why embark on one when you aren’t fully ready? Why won’t you use a condom? Why take the risk of unprotected sex because of 10 minutes of pleasure – most people do not even last up to this – for a lifetime of regrets? Is it really worth it? Why risk getting HIV, Herpes etc and spend all your life savings in taking medications all your life – the sad part is that most of these diseases do not have a permanent cure, you can only treat it for as long as possible. Is this how you really want to live your life? Afraid that someday your secret would be let out? Can you imagine the shame and stigmatization that would follow and haunt you all your life? The trauma associated with having any of the above is definitely not worth it.

Fellow human persons, do not let that guy or girl trick you into having unprotected sex especially when you aren’t sure of their health status. There is no joy in carrying an unplanned baby or having to deal with the guilt of abortion. No matter how much he cajoles you into ditching the rubber, think of how you would feel if after a month of serious itching, your doctor tells you you have Gonorrhea or when your period is late by 3 weeks and 5 pregnancy tests confirms positive and you tell him and he rejects and bind you. Think of how you would feel when the doctor tells you an abortion is impossible else you would lose your womb and you’re just in 200L.

There are so many reasons why wearing that condom is extremely important. Sometimes men can be selfish but ladies you owe it to yourselves to always request for one. And if he strongly refuses, it should tell you the type of person you want to give your body to. Your safest bet is ABSTINENCE but if you no fit hold body, wear a CONDOM.

2 thoughts on “SHOULD I USE A CONDOM?

  1. Very important my dear to use one. If possible sef, wear condom wen she wan give u blowjob. ?

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