“It is only when you come to understand that your life is not a mere predetermined script, rather you are a product of your own choices, will you be able to take full responsibility for your actions.”

One of the pecks of human freedom and rationality is the ability to make choices. To be able to choose between options, or choose not to choose at all (that’s sitting on the fence). However, each choice we make or choices we don’t make comes with consequences, and we would have to bear the responsibility of such consequences.

Most often we make choices based on what we deem as our present need, without putting the future into due consideration. Sadly, this often leads to regret. 

I remember after my graduation, I was offered two choices. Either get a job or go learn advanced computer skills such as Web development, Ethical hacking, etc. I wanted money at the time, and felt a working experience will do good to my resume so I optioned for a low-income job. Did I make money? Well, I got paid, but it was so little that I was broke before the end of each month. So did I achieve my need of making money? No!

Looking back, I have realized I made the wrong choice but that window of opportunity has closed, and to date, I am living with the consequences of the choice I made.

Getting schooled in advanced computer skills would not have given me cash at the time, but I would have gained skills with which I would have made good money. In fact, it would have made me more employable but I wasn’t thinking far at the time.

Unfortunately, we don’t always think far enough before settling for a choice. Today, the world is suffering from a pandemic, what are the choices you are making? Are you simply joining the crowd to wail about the effects of the pandemic? Or are you making conscious choices to build yourself, so that when the world heals you will be on top? The choices you are making today, how will they aid your tomorrow? Or are you simply choosing to waste time?

Factually, our lives are simply the consequences of the choices we have made, and our future is heavily dependent on the choices we make today, so think deeply before settling for a choice or choosing not to choose. 

You definitely do not want the weight of regrets on your shoulders due to bad choices, so think thoroughly before choosing between options. Well, if just like me you have made unwise choices in the past, it’s okay. Don’t linger in regrets, it changes absolutely nothing. Learn from the mistake you made and do better next time.

Frankly, to read this article is a choice you just made, the impact this article will have on your future choices, is a choice you will have to make. Choose wisely.

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    1. I can, but I will have to shoulder the bill. Back then, someone else would have paid.

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