My Dad Appoints Government Officials – Kiddwaya.

Who is your hero? It was an emotional night in  Biggie’s house during their wager presentation. Housemates through art gave a presentation on their various heroes. To many, their hero is their mom, while for some others it was their dad. However, for Dorathy it was her uncle and for Tolanibaj her sisters were her heroes. 

The Wayas

The wager presentation was emotional as almost everyone had an emotional story to tell except for Kiddwaya. According to him, his story is not emotional because he is blessed. He cited his dad as his hero. 

Kiddwaya is the son of the Benue billionaire, Terry Waya. Apart from owing to the fact that he has had a privileged life, Kiddwaya made certain political revelations. From his revelation, it is correct to infer that his dad Terry Waya is one of the godfathers in the Nigerian political sphere. 

Godfatherism is a major problem in the Nigerian political sphere and it seems Kiddwaya’s father is one of the silent godfathers. According to Kiddwaya, his dad has made people Governors and Senators. Wow! I thought elections make people Governors and Senators. 

The gent Kiddwaya is fond of talking about having connections and even promised to connect all the other housemates after the show. Well, now we know why he is very confident in his connections.

Apart from making people Government Officials, Terry Waya according to his son Kiddwaya, bailed the late Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, the former governor of Bayelsa from jail in the UK. He went on to talk about how his father took 14 Governors to the UK to celebrate his 40th birthday when Obasanjo was the president. Wow! Ladies and Gentlemen Terry Waya is one of the silent godfathers of our very beloved Nigeria.

Additionally, it seems Erica is on track to become the daughter-in-law of a billionaire. In an Instagram live, Terry Waya stated that he was willing to give his blessings to his son and Erica’s relationship. Biggie’s house is truly a hub of opportunities. On day 1 of the show, Erica stated that her spec is a man that is wealthy. It seems her dream of yesterday might come through tomorrow.

Final Thought

When it comes to tasks organized by brands Pepsi is unmatched. Ozo and Trikytee (Team Tekno) won the music challenge and earned a million naira each, alongside an all-expense-paid trip to Dubai. After much pressure from fans, Nengi and Prince has also earned an all-expense-paid trip to Dubai for being the first to complete their puzzle.

Trikytee has been up for eviction thrice, and was saved by the housemates. It is a good feeling to see him win. His team also won the Kuda challenge. Hmm.. “God’s plan” in Drake’s voice.

I remain your plug for juicy BBN updates. Bye for now.

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