Surviving Nigeria

Surviving being Nigerian is not an easy task. Nigerians living in Nigeria are survivors because this country is not for the faint hearted.

Nigeria is daily losing her sanity. Regions that have been stable for years are gradually losing the peace and stability that has kept them afloat despite bad governance and horrific economic policies.

Northern Nigeria, is the home of insurgency for years now, while the Niger Delta is very volatile and violence-prone. Unfortunately, the two stable regions are gradually joining the mad pack. Recently the peaceful South-West and stable South-East regions are both throwing their known peace and stability to the wind. This is disheartening to watch, especially as nothing visible is being done to halt this raving havoc.

The eastern region of Nigeria is known to be peaceful and industrious. The region has enjoyed peace for decades as the people thrive to bury the hatchet of the Nigerian civil war. Unfortunately, hell is being set loose as cases of death and attacks are currently on an unusual and alarming rise. 

Being Nigerian is daily becoming more draining and it is exhausting at this point. So here are tips on how you can protect your mental health as we strive to survive Nigeria.

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Stay Off Social Media

People on social media with their unverified news as a way of making things appear way worse than they are. At this point you will be justified if you mute the word Nigeria on Twitter. If you are hypertensive you are better off without news concerning this country. I can’t remember the last time as a country we had good reasons to celebrate. We have been moving from one bad news to another.

Stay Connected to Your Loved Ones

It is imperative to stay in touch with your loved ones during this period. That way, you won’t be anxious needlessly. Honestly, with all the chaos going on, having healthy conversations with those you care for is good for your well being, as well as theirs.

Make Yourself Happy

Never let the problems of Nigeria keep you down. Consciously work towards staying happy. Watch football games, see movies, play video games, listen to good music and groove.

Trust me, if you let the problems of this country get to you a helpless citizen, you might fall sick and falling sick in a country known for poor health care is a situation to avoid with all your willpower. 

Wear Bright Colours

Wearing bright colours is said to have a positive effect on our mood. Therefore, on these dark days as we go on with our lives under the dark cloud threatening to consume us, let your clothes say otherwise.

Wear bright colours, and ensure your days are as bright as the colour of your clothes. You only get to live once, do not let Nigeria ruin it for you. Embrace self love this period, and protect your mind and health


Dear readers, protest against the raving chaos and nonchalant attitude of our terrible leaders by maintaining your peace and health.

It is the coward who survives to tell passersby that a brave man once lived at the place they now stand. Together, We shall survive Nigeria.

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