Love in Biggie’s House – BBN Updates.

Love in Biggie’s House – BBN Updates.

Hi people, I’m back again with updates on your favorite reality show. The BigBrother Naija Season 5, Lockdown Edition. 

It has been less than a week since the housemates entered the house but we have come to learn quite a lot about them. Each of them was asked to introduce themselves and they revealed some truth about their reality. 

Some of the revealed information includes;

Nengi is an orphan. Ka3na got married to a 64-year-old English man while she was just 22 years old. She is separated from her husband with whom she has a daughter after 4 years of marriage. And she has never been in love. Also, Wathoni revealed that she is a single mom with a 5year old son.

Additionally, Prince revealed that he is from a royal family, and won Mr. Nigeria 2018. Ozo is passionate about the Nigerian sport industry. Brighto is a sailor and he is well-traveled and speaks about four different languages.

Dairy Room.

The BigBrother Naija lockdown edition housemates had their first diary room session with Biggie. Some interesting information was let out.

Vee revealed she has a crush on Neo and TrickyTee. Nevertheless, it appears she has finally decided to settle for Neo. The duo has become really close and it seems we have a ship. What will they be called?  Lol, time will tell. 

TrickyTee also told Biggie that he was crushing on Wathoni. This is quite surprising as he earlier stated he was in a serious relationship outside the house. Well, a few days of confinement can be a life-changer. Interestingly, when Wathoni was asked who she would like to create an alliance with, she mentioned Nengi and TrickyTee. So I have my fingers crossed and I am keeping an eye on these two.

Lilo had the worst diary session in the entire history of BBN. She couldn’t answer questions thrown at her, especially as they concern Eric. Though Lilo claimed she had a boyfriend while introducing herself. And Eric claimed none of the girls were his spec, the duo has been quite inseparable. They are mostly locked in each other’s arms, and lost in their own wonderland. It seems they interpreted BigBrother Naija Lockdown as Lock-arms.

Kaisha broke down in tears as she described the other housemates as fake. Oops! She opined that the house needed more love. LOL, If only she knows just how viewers are anticipating controversies. I really hope she wakes up from her slumber.

Prince and Dorathy are both confident they will get to the finals. Do you agree? Whereas Kiddwaya and Laycon are not worried about such things. They are just enjoying the moment.

Love Triangle.

There is a love triangle between Nengi, Ozo, and Dorathy. Ozo at the beginning of the show described himself as an “Assman.” According to him, his spec was fair girls with big asses. It felt like he was talking to Nengi and she took the bait. However, he ends up bonding with Dorathy and hardly pays Nengi attention, though she keeps giving him the green light. 

Both Ozo and Dorathy admitted in their diary sessions that they were bonding the most. Whereas, Nengi intentionally lost some points just to see Ozo win at a game they were all playing. #EbeThingz.

The coming weeks promise to bring forth drama and fan wars concerning this love triangle. Well, I love drama. Don’t you?

Highlight of the show.

I think the biggest highlight so far was Biggie playing Laycon’s song while he rapped along. The housemates were so cool as they all danced and hyped him. Once again Erica gave him that smile that makes a man’s head spin. Will there be a ship between Laycon and Erica? I will certainly board that ship..

So far, these sets of housemates have been loving and super cool. Nevertheless, after alcohol consumption on Saturday, who knows what will happen. Also, nomination is by the corner. I guess the real game is yet to begin.

I remain your plug for correct and interesting BBN updates. Bye for now! 

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