It wouldn’t have gotten to this point if at the beginning our “Leaders” saw sense in what we were saying.

This protest has been going on for a while now and what we are saying is more than End SARS. We are saying we want a better Nigeria. We want to go out without fear of being killed by a policeman for looking good. We are asking to not be killed, but instead, we are being killed for asking. We are saying we want a country whereby a son of nobody, becomes somebody without the help of anybody. We deserve that. Come on, It’s been 60 years and counting, Where is our Independence?

We are told that the Police is our friend, they are always there to help us and protect us, they seek our best interest at heart, please I stand corrected, cause I don’t see that happening, I see a different thing entirely.
No friend harasses, kills, oppresses, all in the name of power. We are the youths of this generation and we are saying “NO TO POLICE BRUTALITY”

Lives are wasted on a daily because they are fighting for their freedom. We are Nigeria, and we deserve to be served in the best manner possible and for everyone in leadership positions, we put you there, so you could put our best interest at heart and not your selfish interest. They keep saying, we are the future of our generation, but don’t listen and heed to the future of our generation.


Well, if the government thinks this is just the “Lazy Nigerian Youths” making noise by protesting and they think we will lay down when we are tired, then they messed with the wrong generation, and we are not taking “NO” for an answer.

This is for you, reading this, if you think this whole thing happening, the brutality, the harassments, the protest and all is a joke and you are not talking about it, then you are wrong. Just cause you are not affected, you are less concerned. When something goes wrong and you are affected, you better not blame the country, cause you had a choice to speak up, so things would change but you didn’t.

We have a voice, and we are going to use it, till we are heard, and our country becomes better in the future. We want to look back years from now and say it was all worth it, the protest was worth it, even if we have to start by ending SARS.

I hope I speak the mind of every Nigerian Youth, If you agree, please drop a comment, rate and kindly share, thank you.

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