5 Crises In Nigeria That Aisha Yesufu’s Statue of Liberty Represents.

Nigerian female social and political activist, Aisha Yesufu is the Co-Convener of #BBOG movement that fought for the rescue of the 276 schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram in Chibok, Borno State.

Aisha Yesufu is also one of women who was at the fore front of the #EndSARS protest held in Abuja on October 11, 2020. Aisha Yesufu was one of the protesters who didn’t run when police threw teargas and cannisters at them, instead Aisha matched towards them and continued protesting.

This act of bravery displayed by Aisha Yesufu during the #EndSARS protest made Nigerians hail her, with most of them going to the extent of editing her images from the protest into a statue of liberty graphic.

Aisha Yesufu during the #EndSARS protest

The image of Aisha Yesufu’s statue of liberty has been described as a national treasure by many, and although this may be unknown to many people; the statue also represents these 5 Crises In Nigeria;

1. Girl Child Education

Aisha Yesufu statue is an image of a northern Nigerian woman, dressed fully in her hijab. Her code of dressing and posture can be used to represent the gender inequity faced by the girl child in Nigeria, especially amongst young northern girls. The failure of the education system especially in Northern part of Nigeria has been underrated for a long time now, perhaps this new statue will serve as a reminder to the government of Nigeria.

2. Degradation Of Women In The Society

For so many years, the roles and contributions of women in Nigeria societies today has been underestimated. The image of a helpless, oppressed and weak group has undermined their proper study and only little recognition has been granted to their contributions in the society.However, Aisha’s statue of liberty, has brought about a sort of awareness that the woman figure is not weak but strong, brave and resilient in all situations.

3. Sexual Assaults In Nigeria

Aisha Yesufu’s Statue of Liberty also symbolises the high level of sexual assaults in Nigeria. Though Aisha lifts her hands up to support the #EndSARS protest, but her statue of liberty lifts it’s hands in support of #WeAreTired protest, a protest for the severe punishment of rapists caught in the country. And it even makes more sense since the statue portrays the image of an embattled woman.

4. Corona Virus Pandemic

The mask on the face of Aisha Yesufu’s Statue of Liberty, represents the ongoing corona virus pandemic in the country. The virus which has taken a lot of lives and affected the country’s economy adversely is still a big threat to Nigeria citizens till date.

5. Police Brutality in Nigeria.

Aisha Yesufu Statue of Liberty will always be recognized as the logo for the #EndSARS protest in Nigeria. The ongoing #EndSARS protest fights for the end of SARS, a police unit in the country that is accused of harassment and brutality.

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Although, Aisha Yesufu’s Statue of Liberty has not yet been announced as the official statue of liberty in Nigeria, but most Nigerians have already declared it as Nigeria’s statue of Liberty.

Now I will leave this question for you; Should Nigeria immortalise Aisha Yesufu and officially make her image Nigeria’s Statue of Liberty?. Feel free to leave your thoughts on this in the comment section below.

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