Mrs. Ade drove like a tiger on a chase into her estate. She flung the door open, and like a wounded lion, she ran breathlessly towards the house, only halting to unlock the door. Her hands trembled helplessly as she put the key into the keyhole. Finally, she turned it open and tossed the door. Hastily, she dashed into the house and ran till she got to the foot of the stairs. She held the stair rail to gain support and regain her breath. 

She comported herself a little and tiptoed upstairs. She got to the floor and headed slowly but steadily towards her matrimonial bedroom. At this point, she was breathing heavily, and her stomach was rumbling. She felt suffocated and feared she might slump. She got to the door, unsure of what to expect.

An hour ago, she was on her way to the airport, but here she was now, about to face a harsh reality. For a second, she wanted to let go of the door handle and walk away like she was never there, but her hand failed her. It bent the door handle, tossing the door open and ushering her into a dark reality.

Mrs. Ade was mortified. Her husband of over a decade was lying with a strange woman on their matrimonial bed. They were both stark naked. She stood there feeling dizzy, in her mind, she was spinning like a whirlwind heading towards her destruction. She died there, though she was still breathing. 


The love birds on the bed were equally startled. They scrambled for clothes to cover their nakedness. In the next couple of minutes, no one uttered a word. They were all quiet, too quiet.

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A thousand and one thoughts were running through Mrs. Ade’s head. She felt like someone had pierced her heart with a lance. For a while, she has heard rumors of her husband’s infidelity. She had decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. She convinced herself that the stories were untrue. Alas! Here she was, staring at the undiluted truth. She had just been disrespected in the highest way possible. Mr. Ade has brought a strange woman and desecrated her matrimonial bed.

Mr. Ade grew a strong headache, he didn’t know what to say or do. His side chick was sitting next to him scantily dressed, whilst his wife was staring at them. Why was she back at home? Why wasn’t she on her way out of the state? Was her trip canceled? What would she do? These thoughts kept running through his mind. The side piece Temi, sat upright, prepared for what might happen next.

Mrs. Ade thought of attacking the strange woman, but of what use would that be? The lady might be a bag of shame, a disgrace to womanhood but it was her husband who has empowered her to insult her this way. She faced Mr. Ade, and she could feel anger rushing inside of her trying to consume her. She wanted to fight him. Scratch and bite him for the pain he was causing her, but she was just a woman. He could easily overpower her and beat her up. She thought of weaponizing herself, but if she hurt him, she could be charged for assault. So what could she do?

She quietly removed her wedding ring, and threw it at Mr. Ade, and said in a cold voice, “See you in court Rotimi Ade.” Before he could reply she had left with a bang. Mrs. Ade ran back to her car in tears. She would have to end the marriage. No one should be disrespected.

You can’t control other people’s actions, but you can ensure they don’t get more than one chance to disrespect you.” Wonah, Cecilia.

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