What Is God Saying No To In 2021?

What Is God Saying No To In 2021?

Happy New Year to you, yes you, reading this post right now. We made it and that’s worth being happy about. We learned so many lessons from 2020, and now we are in 2021, I just thought I should share this with you.

Now from the topic, I bet you are not clear on what this is about, so let me break it down for you. A new year has begun, a lot of us have many dreams, goals we want to achieve, that is superb, but then, is it aligned with what God wants for us this year?

I would love for us to be real here, we have our flaws, bad habits, a past we are holding on to, battles we are silently fighting, our hypocrisy, our addictions, a lot of bad things we brought into the year with the hope that God will take it from us and give us happiness in return, so the year will be good.

God has a whole different plan, and he is saying he is not going to take all this from us. He wants us to understand that our flaws make us different, Our bad habits are not for him to take away, but for us to give it up. Our past is not for him to take away, because it has happened, is for us to let go, and it’s a process, and he wants us to understand that. Our sufferings are not for him to take away, cause if he does, it will draw us to the worldly desires, so it’s there to always draw us to God.

We want God to take all these things from us, but God wants us to surrender it all to him, and watch him do his thing. A quick question, If God takes all your flaws from you, would you need him anymore? Exactly.

We want happiness, but God is saying I’ll give you blessings, happiness is up to you. We want good things, so we can enjoy life, but God is saying, I will give you life so you can enjoy the good things.

What God says is more important, now is up to you, to go by what he says, or what you want, is a choice he will leave you to make.

Now the question is, What does God really want us to ask for in 2021? and the answer is simple, if you have any idea what that is, let us know in the comment section, but meanwhile anticipate part 2 of this, where I’ll be giving you the answer.

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