Did you know people who are highly intelligent are less likely to cheat, steal, break rules or harass an individual, remember I said less likely?

What does IQ mean?
IQ which is short for Intelligence Quotient is a measure of a person’s reasoning ability

What does it mean to be Highly Intelligent?
This means your reasoning and problem-solving abilities is so much better than average and this may signal intellectual potential.

People who are highly intelligent are not just defined by their fantastic scores on IQ tests, their personality trait also have a lot to say about them.

Here are 7 personality traits of a Highly Intelligent Person.
1) They tend to read a lot cause they are very curious to know about everything.
2) They are open-minded to new ideas and opportunities, they are willing to accept and consider other people’s views.
3) They enjoy their own company cause they find it easier to solve problems alone than with the help of their friends.
4) They are sensitive to other people’s problem. Which means they are almost able to feel what someone is thinking or feeling.
5) They think outside the box. They don’t judge things based on what they see.
6) People who are highly intelligent are less aggressive and better behaved than others.
7)In a world where everyone boasts about their achievement, these people are always quiet and observant.

Most people think being highly intelligent means you have to have an outrageous high score on an IQ test. The truth is you don’t really need to have a high IQ to be considered a highly intelligent person.

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  1. Oh wow
    This sounds a lot like someone I know?❤️
    I actually thought IQ means you have to be smart
    I had no idea your personality has to do with it as well
    Amazing piece ✊?❤️
    Couldn’t find a fault in it
    You must have done a lot of research
    I’d love to read more❤️❤️

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