Who is to pay for the meal on the first date?

You’ve waited so long for that right man or lady to walk into your life and sweep you off your feet and it finally happens…Yayy Dream come true, everything seems to be all good until you both finally go out on a date and it’s time to pay for the meal, then the problem begins, cause you are expecting the man to pay cause that’s what real men do, but he has a different opinion on that

A lot of people have asked this question occasionally and nobody gets the suitable answer they want, as much as we think this should not be a question, it actually should and properly answered at that. I’ve happened to ask many people this question and I get different answers which I would love to share with you.

Most girls agree with the fact that it is proper for the guy to pay for the meal, why the guys on the other hand feel who ever prompted the date should be the one to pay for the meal( in the sense that if it was the girl who asked the guy to go on a date with her, then she should pay for the meal and vice versa)
Other people said they prefer if the both parties decide to go dutch, that it will be easier and there will be no cause for alarm.

Quite a number of first date have gone wrong due to this,some relationships ended right at that spot..so as much as we think this is a small issue, it’s a big one which should be taken seriously.

If I should speak for myself, I see no reason why the man can’t pay for the meal, It just shows how matured he is, but if he feels he is not under any law to do so, then fine and good, I hate public disgrace, I’ll pay for both meal( Yeah that’s right, I’m a girl and I said that) going dutch also works trust me..and yes, just a quick advice to my fellow ladies out there..please never fully rely on a guy to pay for your meal, just incase something goes wrong..Always make sure you are with cash, to avoid public disgrace.

I’m sure you might have a totally different opinion on this, I would love to hear it, so yea I’m throwing the question to you all, Who do you think is supposed to pay for the meal on the first date? Drop your answer in the comment section below and back it up with a reason..Thank you

13 thoughts on “Who is to pay for the meal on the first date?

    1. At a go, the person who is meant to pay is the guy cause he asked the girl to come for a dinner/date… And if it’s a thing that the girl later knows he can’t afford it, no big deal for the lady to help out … Like it’s just having both back when the other isn’t capable, u help out.?

      1. She should just let him pay
        Ladies, this works everytime
        Open your purse and try to pay
        The guy will definitely stop you from doing it and he’d have more interest in you

        1. Ahn ahnnn. “Open your purse and try to pay”?. What if he doesn’t offer and there’s no money in the purse you are opening

  1. I don’t know what to say every girl likes a gentleman ,but to be on the safe side, carry your own money!!

  2. So you think only real men pay for the meals
    It’s a date… We’re supposed to know of were meant for eachother (some might disagree with me)
    And Yes, The girl should be ready to pa.
    She can’t just throw the bills at the guy
    She’s supposed to pay for herself, then the guy will decide if he wants to handle it
    Most guys lose interest in girls when they give him this pay the bill look

    A date decides of were meant for eachother
    Don’t know if you get what I just said lol

  3. Like I said everyone has their opinion to the question.. We never really get a straight answer…..Thanks for dropping your answers and checking this post out…Let’s keep sharing

  4. I sorely agreed with the writeup..it’s best the lady goes with extra cash just for unforeseen contingencies…For me, I go with extra tfare as well

  5. But how is it publuc disgrace?? If you are going on a date with someone especially for the first time, hold your money, don’t eat more than you normally would or can afford.. I think Dutch is the best way to go(pay for your meals) or atleast hold money for it and then if he pays, no wahala

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