The three tiers of government In Nigeria namely: The federal government, state government and local government have the responsibility of carrying out their specific duties for the good of the public. These tiers have managed to survive financially from the revenue that comes from the sales of crude oil in the country.

10 states that may survive financially without monthly allocations from the federal government.

Although the federal government has the responsibility of allocating revenue to state and local governments, however some states in Nigeria due to their high level of literacy and economic activities can survive financially without receiving monthly allocations from the federal government.

These are 10 states that may survive without monthly allocations from federal government as sighted on

  1. Lagos
  2. Ogun
  3. Abuja(FCT)
  4. Rivers
  5. Osun
  6. Kwara
  7. Kaduna
  8. Cross River
  9. Enugu
  10. Ondo

The 10 states listed above have very small percentage in federal government’s total revenue. From the revenue gathered from sources like market tolls, driver licences, company taxes and many more these states may survive on their own without receiving monthly revenue from the federal government.

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Many more states in Nigeria still have the potential to reach financial independence too. It just takes more dedication and good leadership. Feel free to leave your comments below.

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