The moment you change your philosophy and your outlook towards life, your whole life will change. In life, It’s not all about being positive-minded, rather, it is about putting quality efforts with the belief of a positive outcome. As you pray for the rain to fall, you need to prepare the field, else God won’t send the rain. Even if He does send the rain, there will be no crop to grow.

Dear beloved, you can’t pray and do nothing then expect a miracle. No! Miracles can only be done upon our efforts, not our idleness. For instance, you can’t pray for a child and not sleep with your wife, then expect God to get her pregnant. Trust me, you are not the Joseph of our time. Additionally, it is foolish to not read for your exams then expect God to give you good grades, simply because you prayed for it. You also can’t sell your votes during elections and expect good governance because you held vigils and prayed fervently.

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Does God have the power to do all things? Yes, he does! However, he does all things for those who show him they want it. It’s not about being religious, it’s about following Christ in our actions day to day.  Faith without work is truly dead! God isn’t a dumping ground, where we just dump our problems, He should be your hope that inspires you to work harder knowing that with Him nothing is impossible.


Trusting God does not make your sail (Life) smooth, but even in the greatest storms, you’re not wrecked for your captain (God) has the power to calm the sea. 

Dear reader, you can’t imagine what great heights, you can attain when you build your hard work on God. For the idea of God, the feeling that he is always with you, and that with him nothing is impossible can lead you to do things, you never believed you could, and that’s what brings about MIRACLES.

Finally, I’m perfectly unworthy to talk about God, but I know the moment I let my unworthiness drive me away from him, that’s the day I missed the mark. So no matter what you’re doing wrong, cling to God. Let him be your hope and if you sincerely put in quality efforts; he will someday help you find your way to the top of your dream.

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