10 Things Women Do, Men Find Attractive.

This is a sequel to my previous post, if you haven’t checked it out, please do. 10 Things Men Do, Women Find Attractive
You know how I said to the women, it’s the little things that men do, that get them attracted, it’s no different with the men either, but more than the women, men are attracted to what they see, so let’s take it away with the 10 things women do, men find attractive.

A Woman Putting On A Man’s T-Shirt

  • Wearing A Red Dress: This is not only attractive but also sexy.
  • Wearing Glasses: For some reason, men love when women wear glasses. In general, they just love when women change their looks and do not just give off a particular look.
  • Holding Deep Conversations: Men are attracted to women who are intelligent and can hold meaningful conversations.
  • Not texting back immediately: Men are attracted to ladies, who don’t text back immediately, so as a lady if you feel, the way to keep a man is by texting him instantly, you would lose him at the end because, at the end of the day, you will run out of things to say.
  • Making the first move: Men find this super attractive, and this doesn’t pertain to letting your feelings known alone, in other things also.
  • Giving Compliments Out Of The Blues: Men love it when you compliment them, they love when you praise them for the little things.
  • Wearing Their T-shirt or Hoodie: They love the way it looks on you, most especially how you wear it in a way they can never.
  • Whispers and Winks are very attractive as well
  • Men love when women bite their lips, especially if you do that when you are talking to them, they are so attracted to this.
  • Last but not least, Men find it very attractive when women can dance and are sporty as well.

These 10 things can drive a man crazy, they love it when you do one or more of these things, they find it very much attractive.

Join the discussion in the comment section below by giving one or more things women do, that you find attractive, and if you don’t agree with anyone listed, please let us know in the comment section as well.

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