5 Top Facts About Ghana’s Late Ex. President Jerry John Rawlings.

5 Top Facts About Ghana’s Late Ex. President Jerry John Rawlings.

It is indeed a very sad time in Ghana, as the people mourn over the death of A Great Man, Jerry John Rawlings, who not only made good changes in the political sector of the country, but also made a big difference in the country at large, lifting the country unto higher grounds and greener pastures.

The death of Rawlings did not only bring sadness to the people of Ghana, but to Africa at large.

Also it remains a fact that, although many people have heard about Rawlings, but most of them do not know about his history and role in Ghana’s political sector.

2709updates highlights 5 top facts about Jerry John Rawlings as sighted on Legit.ng

1. He is the only military and democratic leader.

Former President J.J Rawlings attained power in the state through a coup d’etat in 1979, he later handed power over to a democratic government.

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In 1981, the weak leadership and corruption of Dr Hilla Limann’s government made Rawlings take back power, and after 13 years of ruling the country he returned power back to a democratic government in 1992 where he contested and won two terms as president.

2. He was married to Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings for 38 years.

Late Jerry John Rawlings was married to Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings. The two were sweethearts in highschool, and their young love blossomed into something stronger and bigger.

They were married for 38 years and are blessed with 4 children; Zanetor, Amina, Kimathi and Yaa Asantewaa Rawlings.

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3. He was a chorister

Late Jerry John was part of Achimota school choir which performed for President Nkrumah at the Flag Staff House on national ceremonies.

4. J.J Rawlings was the son of a Scottish father and Ghanian mother

J.J Rawlings looks are quite different from a pure African’s own, from his name, full hair and fair complexion one may feel he’s not an African at all. But the only explanation to this is that Rawlings was born to a Scottish father and Ghanian mother.

5. He was the Chief of Defence Staff from 1982-1983

Flt Lt Jerry John Rawlings was the chief if Ghana’s defence staff from November 1982 to August 1983. This makes him the only CDS to have assumed the highest position of the Land.

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Jerry John Rawlings was truly a Great Man, and his memories will be kept in our hears forever. Feel free to leave your comments in the comment section below.

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