6 Tips for Aspiring BBN Contestants.

Like I promised I am here to drop six interesting tips that will be useful to anyone that will be going into the Big Brother house next year. If you are fortunate to be among the selected contestants next year, these tips will improve your chances of winning.

Get A Good PR Team.

When it comes to BBN the game is played both in and outside the house simultaneously. While you strive to play the game inside the house you need a professional PR team to help promote you, especially on social media. 

Frankly, if you can contact and pay some social media influencers to root for you, you will be doing yourself a favor. With a good PR team, negative narratives about you can easily be tackled. Laycon’s amazing PR team contributed immensely to his success story.

Use An Intelligent, Dedicated, and Well Mannered Handler.

While you’re in the house, your social media handler is seen as a reflection of your personality. What he or she does affects your game. If your social media handler is rude, it will rub badly on you and affect your chances of winning.

I remember rooting for Omashola during the pepperdem edition and I noticed he lost supporters due to how rude or savage the handler could be. There are qualities an amazing handler must possess, such as:

  • Be active. Post interesting content about your candidate as quickly as possible. This will make the page lively and people will be more prone to follow.
  • Try not to throw other housemates under the bus simply because they had a quarrel with your candidate.
  • Resist the urge to always explain situations. You must not write epistles all the time.
  • Be grateful and appreciative of the fans. Also, listen to their ideas and reply to your DM.
  • Try not to block people or reply to negative comments savagely.
  • Type with simple but correct English.
  • Like and reply as many positive comments as possible.
  • Educate people on how to vote correctly. Do this as often as possible.
  • Ensure you are social media savvy and understand the tenets of digital marketing.

Last year, Mercy’s handler did a wonderful job. This year, Scarlet Gomez did an excellent job for Laycon.

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Strive to be Notice from the Stage.

The top 3 finalists were all noticed on the stage and they trended massively. Dorathy trended heavily for her big breasts. Nengi trended for having the sexiest body, while Laycon trended worldwide for his light jacket and appearance.

Truly, there is nothing like bad publicity. Laycon was heavily trolled on day 1 but by day 2 an army rose for him. Yes, he has the biggest fan base in the history of BBN. He won with 250 million votes. Whereas the total number of votes last year was 50 million. He currently has 1.5 million Instagram followers.

Provide Interesting Contents.

Content is key. You can’t go to the house and sleep all day then expect to win. Sell yourself very well and provide interesting content. During the Saturday Party strives to be one of the best steppers. Be interesting to watch.

Also, put in efforts to win tasks from sponsors and arena games. Make your diary sessions lively and a delight to watch. Try not to partake in gossip and ensure never to be bitter about other people’s win. Be brave enough to always air your views, people find it attractive.  Finally, never be condescending to anyone. If you do that you are helping them get to the top and pulling yourself down. Nigerians frown at condescending people.

Choose Your Name Smartly

Ensure you use a name that can be spelled easily. Till the end of the show, people were confusing Omashola for Omoshola. This affected him as he had tons of wasted votes. 

Your name should not be long or too short. Fans tend to make mistakes when the name is long. Whereas, if the name is just three-letter words you can’t trend on Twitter. Vee, Neo, and Ozo could not trend independently without any hashtag or other attachments. This equally affected their games. Your name in BBN might make or mar you, so choose strategically.

Pray for Grace

Love can’t be bought but when grace finds you, people will love and support you madly. Honestly, grace is key.

As you pray for the grace to be loved, equally play for the grace to play the game to the end without getting disqualified.  It hurts when you leave the show as a disqualified candidate especially when you had a chance of winning. Pray for grace, my people.

Final Thoughts

Laycon won with a landslide victory of 60 percent congratulations to him. Goodbye amigos, I enjoyed writing on this show, nevertheless, like all good things an end is inevitable. Bye Amigos. 

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