Everyone I have conversed with about phobias could identify one or more phobias they suffer from. Frankly, if having a phobia is a mental illness, then mental illness is probably the most widely spread disease in the entire world. 

What is Phobia

Phobia entails having an irrational fear over something that is not really harmful. Phobias trigger negative feelings such as fear, panic, rapid heartbeat, nausea, and others.

Daily, people suffer from different phobias. Here are some phobias and their meaning.


This is the fear of darkness. People with this phobia panic when in darkness.


Also, a person suffering from achluophobia will not turn off the light even when it is bedtime.


This is the fear of flying.

Truly, people with aerophobia would rather spend more time on the road than boarding a plane. Travelling in an aeroplane will cause them distress and panic.


People who suffer from this phobia are afraid of imperfections. They are thrown off balance if they notice any imperfection in whatever they do.


To be fair, nobody likes to be alone. However, people with autophobia cannot tolerate being alone. They could have a panic attack if they find themselves truly alone.


This is the fear of mirrors. Sighting a mirror would rattle anyone with catoptrophobia.


Fear of colours is known as chromophobia.


The fear of confined spaces.


This is the fear of dogs. A person with cynophobia is likely to check if you have dogs before they come visiting. Also, they can tremble in the presence of a dog. Even when the dog is friendly.


This is the fear of getting married.


This phobia is the fear of public speaking. Being put in a position to express themselves publicly will get people with glossophobia sick.


Fear of lengthy words. 


This is the fear of cooking. A kitchen is the worst place a person suffering from mageirocophobia would want to be.


The fear of school is known as scolionophobia. Frankly, this is a dreadful phobia as being in school will be a terror to the victim.


This is the fear of holes. 


This phobia entails being afraid of beautiful women.


This is the fear of witches and witchcraft.


This is the fear of strangers or foreigners.

Unfortunately, this irrational fear has led to violence and destruction. Xenophobic people can attack innocent foreigners.


The fear of animals.

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