Can the Youths Hold Actual Power in 2023?

I was made to understand that sovereignty was in the hands of the people Nevertheless, those in power will strive to ensure that the idea that sovereignty lies with the people appears to be a facade.

The faux reality of the police is your friend has been exposed to be the lie it has always been. For days people have taken to the streets with their demands which are aimed at stopping police brutality. 

The cry to  #EndSARS was claimed to be heard, but just after the night sky ate dinner SWAT was created. It seems the IGP felt we wanted the end of SARS because it shares the same name with a disease. New name, same people is not the goal people set out to achieve.

The protest is still alive and people are calling for the end of SWAT. However, I strongly think the sole way to make the change we need is to weigh real democratic power. This can only be achieved if young people contest and win elections to become Senators, Members of the House of Representatives, and even the Presidency. No reach is too far to grip when willpower is strong.

Unfortunately, the idea of young people winning major positions in 2023 appears to be a utopia to many. However, I beg to differ. If you understand the electoral process in Nigeria, you will note that the youths play major roles (Both honorable and dishonorable roles). This is an advantage that can be used in our favor.

Influential Roles Played by the Youths in Elections

Electoral Officers.

The Polling Unit Officer and Assistants are mostly a team of young people since youth corpers are used for the process. At the polling units, we can ensure elections are conducted accordingly. If the electorate process was disrupted, the P.O has the right to file a report and the election becomes null and void. Frankly, we have the power to ensure rigged votes do not count.

Also, the Rack Techs that sum up the total number of registered voters captured by the Card Readers are equally young people. Some electoral supervisors and coalition officers are also young. We are actively part of the process and can make a change.


Thugs are great tools in the hands of politicians during elections. They are used to disrupt and rig elections. These thugs are youths. Just as the youths of Rivers State defied the state order of the governor, if we refuse to be used as thugs during the elections we have a chance at winning.

Nonetheless, if we must act like thugs, we must do so to place the odds in our favor (However, I strongly advise against all forms of electoral malpractice. The old ways should be discarded to create a better nation).

During the Abuja protest some thugs came to disrupt the protest, but since the turnout was massive protesters were able to stop them. If we maintain the same energy and come out to vote in our numbers, we will stand a chance of stopping some unfortunate youths from selling our tomorrow.


One advantage we have as youths over the older generation is our technological advancements. Drones and other means of capturing election malpractice can be used to gather real evidence against those trying to rig the election.

With such evidence, not even the judiciary can deny us justice.

Digital Media & Marketing

The digital space is the current capital of the world. Via digital media and marketing, we can sell our party as the best to fellow Nigerians and earn their votes. 

Nigerians votes based on party lines. Sell a formed party for the youths as the change we need and watch people vote for that party.


Funds are needed to win elections. Thankfully, the youths are masters of cryptocurrency. Using cryptocurrency we can contribute towards 2023 without our funds getting tracked.

The People’s Mandate

Best believe 2023 won’t be a battle between the younger generation and the older generation. If the members of the older generation can perceive significant effort from the youths they would support our cause to overthrow the ruling class.

Even the northerners that are structured to be the kingmakers are showing signs of rebellion against the ruling class. Thanks to banditry and the nonchalant behavior of the government at all levels.

Final Thoughts

I will be an unrealistic motivational speaker if I say any of the above will be easy. No, it won’t be. However, with sincere dedication and togetherness, we can achieve this. There will be resistance but this is a cause worth bleeding for. If young people can hold power in 2023 we can restructure our dying future.

The young must grow!

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