Do You Want To Start A Trend? Now You Can.

When starting up a trend, you just don’t want any type of trend, you want something meaningful as well as passing a message and that will be exciting for people to follow

Now if your mindset works like this, you might find it hard to start a trend. If you think there is nothing that is meant to be done that hasn’t been done or you feel only social media influencers can start trends. Well it’s easier for someone like Wizkid to start up a trend and everyone follows instantly, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for you. It’s just gonna take much more effort.

How Can You Start A Trend
1) Do Some Research: You have something in mind, try finding out, to be sure no one has done that before, and then do your research on how your idea is gonna attract and be of high advantage to the masses, do this till you are convinced that it’s good to set up.
2) Get Off Your Comfort Zone: I’m very sure you are aware, that nothing substantial comes out of your comfort zone. Push your boundaries. Take risks. Strive to know more. Pitch your idea to people, you could rephrase it, if you want and get their feedback, and try working on it.
3) Let Creativity Step In: You can’t do the same thing again and get a different result. Do something no one has done before. Let it be original and unique but also pass a message. Let it not be normal, cause you are starting a trend for an abnormal society. Crazy Jean used to be worn by insane people, but someone saw something no one was seeing and decided to start a trend with it, that almost everyone in the world is following.
4) Give Yourself The Tough Questions: What makes my trend stand out? What is the probability that people will follow this trend? How is it gonna be of benefit to the masses? What message am I trying to pass with this trend? When you constantly ask yourself these questions and you finally come to a point where you can answer your questions accurately and with no stress, then you are just 1 step away from bringing this trend to the world.
5) Promote: Should I loud it, I mean others are important, but this is more important. This requires much more effort. A lot of people have had brilliant ideas they wanted to bring forth, but bad promotion just killed it. Push your trend via every social media platform possible. It is most likely people get to follow a trend when they see someone of high status or an influencer follow it, so put the greater work here.

I hope this was helpful, and that you will put it into action if you ever want to start a trend or bring an idea to life and remember it’s okay to fail sometimes, but the most important thing is that for every failure you picked up a lesson.

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