The Top 5 Ways To Solve Social Media Addiction.

The Top 5 Ways To Solve Social Media Addiction.

First of all, whatever is addiction is bad, so now this is not saying don’t go on social media, just don’t let it be something you can’t do without. Whenever you are out of data or cash, whatever at all, that restricts you from going on social media, you panic and some even fall sick, that’s really bad.

What Is Social Media Addiction?
This is an addiction that is influenced by being overly concerned about social media, whereby you dedicate so much time, money, and effort to it and it affects you as an individual.

Research has shown that 70% of children and young adults spend a lot of time on social media which has damaged a lot of relationships, created distance from family and friends, caused Depression, Cyber-Bullying, and many more.

The worst part of this is that the victims of this, don’t even use Social Media to their advantage, they don’t earn money from it, they give more than they get from Social Media.

How Do We Solve This Problem
1) Turn Off Your Post Notification: Do you agree with me, when I say, you are more likely to go on social media, when you see a notification than when you don’t, this limits your use of social media.
2) Get a Hobby: Should I increase the volume? You need to get yourself a hobby that doesn’t involve the use of social media, to serve as a distraction and minimize the time you spend on social media.
3) Delete Social Media Apps You Hardly Use: So now you might be thinking how is this helpful, It really is, using myself as a case study, If I ever get bored with WhatsApp, I’m more likely to go on other social media platforms, just to explore, even though I hardly use it. I just keep wanting more and more until my data finishes, yeah it’s that bad, so this post is also for me as well, so to avoid that, get rid of those apps.
4) Discipline Yourself: If alarms work for you, please use them. Give yourself a time limit when on social media. If alarms don’t work for you, please take a break, do something meaningful, and if it yields a good result, then check out social media, to celebrate.
5) Make a Budget: As much as you think, it never works, it does. You are less likely to go on social media if you don’t have data, so spend that money on other things and cut down the money you spend just to be online.

Follow these steps and sooner or later, you will start seeing results. If you read to this point, thank you, please kindly share and don’t forget to drop a comment
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