Flee From These Five Situations

Flee From These Five Situations

They say life is a risk, and everyday we simply gamble for none of us is promised tomorrow.

In this risky world, it is wise to only take calculated risks and put good efforts into living a live that does not blemish your conscience and mental health. Such a life is ideal, and to attain it you must flee from certain situations.

Here are five twisted situations you should flee from.

Entanglement With A Married Person

Never tangle on the sheet with a married person. That is a tasteless behaviour, and being a mistress to a married man is nothing to be proud of.

Apart from the trauma you are aiding and abetting the cheating spouse to cause to his spouse, you are commiting an action that is frowned at by both God and society.

Flee from any entanglement with a married person. The history you both have is never enough to justify this act. It is a bottom barrier behaviour.

Drug Abuse

Flee from drug abuse even if it means abandoning your shadow. Do not be fooled by how good a drug makes you feel, that feeling is a mere illusion because in the end it will ruin you.

Getting addicted to drugs is one of the most terrible things to happen to anyone. People with drug addiction fight with it even to the point of death. Please do not be that person. Say no to drug abuse! An inch of prevention, is better than any amount of cure.

In all you do, make sure you never succumb to drug abuse, and if you are already abusing drugs; today is a good time to retrace your steps.

Begging For Love

Hey you! I have a question for you dear one. Do you know you are special and good enough? Do you know you are a huge catch and blessing to anyone in your corner? Trust me, you are awesome and amazing! You are original, and you are a big deal! Therefore, never beg to be loved or being loved out of pity. You deserve better and can get better.

If you are in situation in which you’re begging to be loved, flee from it. That place is not for you. Never reduce your worth for anyone.

Intentionally Starving Yourself

Social media has defined being beautiful as having the perfect body that fits into every dress. To attain such shallow standard of beauty, people starve themselves. This could lead to a disorder or an illness.

There is no crime in wanting to have the perfect body but don’t be pressured into it, and ensure you do it healthily. Eat right, and exercise regularly. Flee from the act of starvation.

Being Used

If you are in a situation in which someone/people are taking advantage of you, gently dust your butt and move out from that situation.

Avoid being used by anyone. Set a standard for yourself and maintain it. If people want your services let them pay for it. Your bills will not pay itself. When investing your time on anymore ensure the energy is reciprocated. Do not be anyone’s foot-march. They will step on you until you are worn out, then you will be shown the door, and would be replaced. Be wise!


To live long is good, but to live a long and quality life is ideal. If you flee from the discussed five situations, your life will be ideal.

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