I watched a Youtube Video recently and this was brought up, It was thrown to the guys though, and there was a lot of crazy answers, I’ll drop the video though, and you will tell me if you agree with the guys or not, and then tell me, how long you think is too long for the talking stage.

What Is The Talking Stage?
Now this is a phase, where two intending partners get to know each other, and get to know if they are compatible with one another, if this is person is right enough to date.

You know how you always foot-test water to know if it’s right enough to swim in, or you conclude it’s not okay, then you walk away. That’s what the talking stage is really about.

How long should it last?
Well that’s solely on the partners, You should know that there are so many factors that specify how long the talking stage will be, so it’s advisable intentions are made clear as soon as possible. A lot of people talk for as long as 7 months, but they end up not dating, so you see why making your intentions clear is necessary?

Feed me with your feedbacks on the video and on the topic. Note: The video is long, and they ask series of questions, but pay attention to the part where they talk about the talking stage.


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