Immortality has been sought for throughout the existence of man. There have been various myths about the elixir of life, and how far men go just to acquire it. Like fate would have it, no one has found such a substance that kept them living forever. Therefore, all men must bow to death in the end. 

Since we have failed to conquer death, how then can anyone live forever? You will find the answer to this question when you realize death is not the end of life, and the human body is not what you should aim at preserving forever. 

Do you know that there are individuals that have lived for thousands of years and will forever live on? Though they bowed to death, they are alive till the end of time. How is this possible?

I’m sure the above rhetoric question must be running through your mind, as you doubt the possibility of living even after dying. This is because like many others you fail to grasp the concept of immortality. Immortality is viewed as the act of not dying in the flesh, and this is untrue. The flesh most wither away, it is finite by nature. So what then lives forever, irrespective of your religious orientation or disbelief? Your name can live for eternity.


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The Human Name

Whether you are a Christian, Muslim, or an Atheist, your name can be immortal and you will live forever. Do you know that Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Alexander the Great, and lots more, all existed before the birth of Christ? They existed so long ago but are very much relevant and alive today. To date, we talk about them and study them. Movies are made to honor them and further tell their stories. 

If you want to live forever, then you must preserve your name. It is the human name that has the elasticity of existing throughout all the ages. To date, people still quote Aristotle. If that is not being alive and relevant, then I don’t know what being relevant is.

How to Preserve Your Name

How do you make your name immortal? Should you write it down and store it in a freezer? Or engrave it on the entrance of every city? No! These ideas won’t give it immortality.

The only way to preserve your name forever is via your deeds and outstanding impact on humanity. He who walks through the path of impact will journey into immortality. 

Do you want to live forever? If yes, start making a difference in your world today. If your name is mentioned outside your household, will it be recognized? What do people know you for? Will your name stand the test of time, or you are just another human passing through life to be forgotten like the wind?

Mind you, having fame does not guarantee immortality. So many famous people today will die and the next two generations will not know their name.

I randomly knew of Plato when I was a little girl. I grew up and found myself learning about him at the University.  The next generation and the generation after them will do the same. A true immortal name.

Just like those who bowed to death, but keep living through their deeds that have preserved their names for eternity, you too can grip immortality. Make impact! 

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