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How To Be The Most Attractive Person In The Room.


Have you ever been in a room? and the door just opens and someone walks in, and you look towards the door, yes you do that subconsciously because your mind has been trained to do so, but after doing that, you can’t help but look again, because what in this world is this beauty you just beheld? and the second time you take a much closer look, this time it’s longer than the first time.

We’ve all been there at one point or the other, but the real question is have you been on the other side of the room? Have you been the one to be looked at a second time or maybe even a third time? If No, that’s why I wrote this post, If Yes, How amazing, don’t leave without telling us, that extra thing you did, that was not mentioned below.

Do you want to be the most attractive person in the room? Pay attention to the next things I’ll be saying.

  • Always wear a smile: When entering a room, you are likely sure there is quite several people. Please smile. That’s an accessory a lot of people forget to put on. Your smile alone can make you attractive, but that’s not all that matters, but trust me it counts a lot. So the next time you are entering a room, try to enter with a genuine smile, not those that fade easily and try to maintain it.
  • Act Like You Own The Room: Now I’m not saying you should treat people with disrespect. I’m saying you should walk in like everyone was waiting for you, and nothing had started until you entered. Walk in with your head high. Your body posture matters a lot, be sure to put that into consideration.
  • Smile At People And Give Compliments: No one is more attractive than a man or lady who walks into a room with so much confidence, a bright smile, and still smiles/greets at most 3 people before going to take his seat.
  • Dress For The Occasion: Always know that you can never overdress, but you can always underdress. Know the occasion and turn up in the best way possible. Also, let me add this, pick attractive colors that match your skin color. Colors like white, black, red, just to mention a few. Wearing these colors make you look attractive than usual.
  • Talk When Need Be: Have you noticed that people who talk less are more attractive? I bet some people know why they are not the most attractive people in the room now. My bad, I didn’t mean to shake your table. But honestly don’t talk recklessly, talk when the need arises, and when you do, say things that will leave people amazed.

These tips come in handy, so be sure to use them, and when you do, you could thank me later. Share to as many people as you feel the need to see this. Also, if you answered Yes at the beginning of this post, please drop a comment sharing a tip, you feel wasn’t mentioned.

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