How To Deal With The Shadows Of Your Past.

I don’t know if you are familiar with this popular saying, “The past should be left in the past” I’m sure you agree with it, I do too, but then as easy as it sounds, it’s really hard for those who have had a bad past.

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How To Deal With Shadows Of Your Past
You probably know what “Shadows of your past ” means, but just in case you don’t, I’ll explain it as clearly as possible. This means your dark past that keeps following you, that you haven’t been able to let go of. It could have come in different forms such as; Abuse, Rejection, Dysfunction in your parent’s marriage, many ways, and you probably thought, years have passed and those things are not going to affect you anymore, but that isn’t the case, It is still affecting you even in the present time.

They say ” Hurt people hurt people” that’s true, and these set of people are the definition of people struggling with shadows of their past. If you happen to be one of them, you may need to focus on what I’m about to say now

How To Deal With It

  • Be Aware Of The Situation: What this means is you need to know that this is affecting your life now, you are still holding unto this dark past, and a very easy way of being aware is noticing other people’s reaction whenever you do some certain things, for those who care about you, they will tell you straight up, that you are exhibiting those traits you hated. Don’t take those warnings for granted, be aware of it. I’ll be real with you on this, you can’t fix what you are not aware of.
  • Let It All Out: Now, this works for some people, not all. A lot of times, the reason why we can’t let go of things is that we are not ready to talk about it, we are not ready to face it, and if you aren’t ready, you can’t fix it. You could try this out, I’ve heard about it. Put water in a balloon, write those things that hurt you in the past that keeps coming back on the face of the balloon, yell about it, and smash it on the wall. I hear it works, you could try it out and thank me later.
  • Inspire People: Really? Did I see that correctly, you are probably cleaning your eyes, to be sure you saw that correctly? How are you going to tell me, to inspire people when I’m still hurting? It sounds crazy, Yes. What you don’t know is it helps you let go of that painful situation. It helps you bring hope to others and also to yourself. One thing I’m certain about is you see that phase called “Past” You always learn from it.

A lot of things you never wished for have happened in your past, none was a mistake, all was for you to learn from, so get the message and preach to others and it will also be of help to you.

Now, none of these points can work without your forgiveness, not just to the other party, but also to yourself. I hope you got one or two things, if you want to ask a question or give your opinion, the comment section is open.

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