International Men’s Day: Celebrating The Male Gender.

International Men’s Day: Celebrating The Male Gender.

Happy International Men’s Day to all the men reading this, I know a lot of times, it looks like you all put most of the work, but then you are not celebrated as you should.

2020, International Men’s Day theme is ” Better Health For Men and Boys” with the intent of making practical developments to the health and well-being of the male gender. November 19 is a day set aside to celebrate the existence, achievement, contributions, and support of all men and boys to the family, community, and society at large.

You will agree with me that being a man is not easy, especially with societal stereotype, you are hardly ever recognized especially when you don’t secure the bag.

Men go through a lot, but can’t talk about it, because they are expected to be “Men” and anything less makes them weak. As much as I can still go on and on talking about the things men go through, I want to use this as a medium to celebrate every man reading this. You are strong, supportive, selfless, optimistic, a goal getter, and amazing, especially those men despite the pressure from all sides, turn out to be good fathers, wonderful husbands, men of value even in society.

Please kindly share this post with as many men as possible, and let them know we see even the little things they do and we appreciate it. Again, I wish every man reading this a Happy International Men’s Day.

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