As a writer, I cannot begin to calculate the number of times I have been faced with this issue. I do not know how often other writers experience this but I think mine is slowly creeping out of the normal range. I basically have to think and ponder for hours before coming up with a topic – a readable topic.

It doesn’t help that I most times have a deadline to deliver a write-up. It hurts when I miss those deadlines and fail to show up. Personally, I do not like to be seen as incompetent so times, when I have to come up with an article and I, have nothing to show for it, a part of me bleeds.   

Thinking of what to pen down next. Thinking. Sigh.


I feel writer’s block comes as a result of distractions – physical, emotional, mental, and what have you. When your mind isn’t settled, relaxed, or at peace, you can’t think coherently and as such you are unable to come up with innovative ideas and produce anything tangible.


These distractions can come as a result of sickness, pain, financial struggles, that small voice in your head that mocks and tells you you are a scam and more importantly dealing with the loss of a loved one. For the record, all through the months I was heartbroken, I did not pen one single word down. But then what didn’t work for me might work for you.


Some persons deal with negative energy by penning their emotions and thoughts down. This doesn’t work for me. When I’m dealing with negative energy, my entire system shuts down, my brain and mind refuses to cooperate with me. My heart already has disconnected from the start go so I’m left numb and oblivious to anything writing. Instead, I grieve silently, willing for the phase to go away and hoping I get over it.

In case you do not know, writer’s block is the inability of a writer to be creative and produce new work. It is the temporary loss of a writer’s writing skills. The great news is that it isn’t permanent. It can be for an hour, a month, a year, or even more but eventually your passion is going to come back to you because it belongs to you and you alone.


  • Breathe. It’s completely normal. Even machines and robots develop faults and malfunction from time to time.
  • Avoid bad energy. The negative energy you consume has the potential to numb your mind. Try as much as possible to surround yourself with positive vibes.
  • Listen to music. This relaxes me. Listen to your favorite or whichever genre you feel works for you (try dancehall too).
  • Talk a walk. I love walking because most times when I’m walking alone, I’m having whole healthy conversations in my head. My mind does a lot of thinking when I’m walking. It always helps clear my head.
  • Talk to someone. A problem shared is a problem half solved. Talking to a trusted friend helps.
  • Read a book. You might see a line that lights your bulb.
  • Whilst listening to your music, you can dance, run, sing, jump, whatever makes your blood flow, do it. Dancing works for me.
  • Just write. Whatever comes to your head pen it down. When I started writing this particular article I was lost (paragraph 3) but look at us now, 400+ words later!

In conclusion, as I said earlier, you are not alone. Give yourself time, do not put yourself under unnecessary pressure. It won’t work, doesn’t even work. Try as much as possible to eliminate these distractions and let your mind do its thing. And yes, I’m going to come back here the next time I’m stuck.


  1. Interesting. Another thing I recently discovered is relieving yourself of the tension of producing a title and just… writing. Titles could prove to be hindrances, at times.

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