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How To Have A Strong Relationship With God.


There are so many people in the Bible that had beautiful and strong relationships with God. Jesus for one, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Daniel, Elijah, Elisha, and many more under that list.

I’ll mainly focus on one particular person whose friendship with God I just really admire and yearn for, and that would be Abraham’s Friendship with God. You could call Abraham, God’s Padi.

Now, this would make you look back and check yourself and ask yourself. Am I in a relationship with God? If yes? What kind of relationship is it? Weak, in between, or Strong. What do I mean by in between, I mean it changes from time to time, It’s unpredictable, just like the weather. Today it might be strong, and tomorrow it’s weak.

I was going through the book of Genesis, and I stumbled upon Abraham’s story, and I’m not gonna lie to you. I was attracted to the kind of friendship that Abraham had with God. The type that grew stronger day by day. The type that made God bless Abraham bountifully and made everyone connected to Abraham be blessed( Genesis 19: 29)
The type of friendship that God blessed anyone who blessed him and cursed anyone who cursed him.

The type of friendship that was so strong that he could talk to God and change God’s decision.
It was the part where God asked in Genesis 18:17 If he should hide his plan from Abraham? God saw Abraham as a friend and trusted him enough to tell him what he was about to do. Ahh…that’s big.

Imagine God sees you and trusts you so much to be his friend and he tells you his plan concerning a country? And the fate of that country is dependent on you. That’s exactly how it was for Abraham.
Is it just me or that’s the level we all want to get to in our relationship with God?

The kind of friendship Abraham had with God was admirable, is a type I pray for, and I hope you all do as well

Is it the type David had with God, amazing? That the woman who laughed at David while he was dancing and praising God became barren.
The type that Elisha had with God and those 42 children who mocked him were eaten by two bears. (2 Kings 2: 23-25)

What about Rahab the prostitute, did she have a relationship with God? Not at the time, but you know what happened in her case, she got close to the ones who knew God, and she was saved, only she and her family were not destroyed.

Do I need to overemphasize, how important it is to follow and make friends with people who know God? Because you would be blessed and saved by that.

I mean God clearly said, Don’t touch my anointed and do my prophet no harm. God doesn’t joke with his friends. He carries friendship personal.
Now the question is how do you have a strong relationship with God?

You can’t have a strong relationship with God, without knowing him first? How do you know God? By reading his word, by communicating with him(prayer) When you talk to God, allow him talk to you. God responds, but a lot of us are in so much of a hurry to pray and thank God for answering, that we don’t even listen to what he has to say.

If there is anything I was thought, is that Communication is a two-way thing. There is a sender and there is a receiver, and that the most important aspect of communication is feedback. Without feedback, we can’t tell communication held.

Whenever you talk to God, allow him to talk to you, don’t be in a hurry to pray and leave, listen to what God is saying.
Sometimes he tells us to do things according to us are unheard of, but trust me God will never tell you to do something bigger than you.

God tests our faith, just like he did for Abraham.
When your faith is tested? How would you respond?
Did you know, if you read Genesis 22? After God had tested Abraham’s faith and found him to be truly fearful. God re-blessed him, and this time God swore on his name…Ahhh😫😫 that he would certainly bless Abraham and his descendants to come.

See, I’m not going to say anything further if, after all this, your goal is not to have this kind of relationship, then something is wrong.
Because my ultimate goal is to have this kind of relationship with God, that even my descendants to come will partake of my blessing.

I pray in the mighty name of Jesus, that the grace to reach a higher level of friendship with God, just like Abraham’s, God will give unto us in Jesus name, Amen.

And at last, I can’t seem to ever leave out the relationship Jesus had with God. For every time, Jesus was talking to his father. He was always talking to God. He made a way, and tore the veil, whereby this time not only the holiest of people could talk to God, but that even you and I, can boldly go into the presence of God and talk to our creator. He tore the veil, he paved a way with his blood, so that you and I, everyone can have a strong relationship with God through him.

I pray in the mighty name of Jesus for everyone reading this, that we would have a strong relationship with God, and that it would not be as the weather, it won’t be strong for two weeks and change course another week. It would grow and be stronger and stronger and stronger in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Jesus said,
“Look! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal as friends.” (Revelations 3:20)
He is ready to be your friend? The question is, Are you? If yes, talk to him now, he’s waiting to hear from you, and remember to listen to him as well.
God bless you✨

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