Surviving Valentine While Being Single

Surviving Valentine While Being Single

Experiencing Valentine single can be quite intimidating. Those in relationships tend to make you feel like a second-hand human and the least of God’s favorites. They paint the sky red with displays of affections, matching outfits, perfect pictures, love notes, and jolly moments. All these can send you into painting your heart red; for it bleeds, due to loneliness, emptiness, and even jealousy.

The intimidation and pressure that comes with watching those in relationships flaunt it, can send one running back into the arms of a toxic ex or reminiscing the times we have been hurt in the past. All of these are very unhealthy.

So what is the best way of surviving Valentine while single? Should you become Valentine’s day Grinch? I don’t believe one should be a joy killer, just because you don’t have someone to enjoy such a day with. So here are healthy ways to survive Valentine as a single individual.

Don’t Listen to Adele or other Masters of Love/Heartbreak Songs.

Listening to any of Adele’s heartbreak songs can send you into depression on Valentine’s day when you’re single. Listening to soul singers, and artists with love and heartbreak songs is a bad idea on such an occasion.

I strongly recommend rap, reggae, dance hall, and Afro-beats songs on that day for all single folks. The goal is to be happy and not depressed.

Don’t Run to Alcohol or Drugs

Turning to alcohol and drugs to either escape the reality that you are romantically alone or drown your loneliness, is a terrible idea.

Alcohol and drug abuse is one route that leads to destruction, especially when mixed with emotions like sadness, pain, and loneliness. These combinations can lead you into making bad decisions especially as it concerns matters of your heart. 

Trust me, you don’t want to wake up on the 15th feeling horrible or regretful, about the choices you made under the influence of drugs and alcohol. 

You don’t want to wake up to a stranger on your bed or found yourself on the bed of someone you have no business being with. If you are unlucky, by November you might become a parent to a child you didn’t prepare for.

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Stay Off Social Media

Social media is the home of show-off, and picture-perfect relationships. Don’t go feeling sad over imperfect relationships, sold as perfect on social media. 

Also, staying off social media would save you the pain of seeing your ex flaunt his new boo. So go off social media and enjoy the peace that comes with it. You could read a book and chill with your pet if you have any.

See Movies Or Series

Nothing kills time than good movies and mind-blowing series. Get some light refreshment and treat yourself to an at-home cinema experience.

Imagine seeing an intriguing series like “Blacklist” while eating quality ice cream and pizza. Damn! Better love story than twilight.

Zero Expectations

Maintain zero expectations. Don’t expect gifts or texts from anyone. When you expect such displays of affections and you end up disappointed, it would sadden you.

Since you are single, try not to expect anything, that way you will save yourself the pain of unmet expectations.

Chase Money

Making money is better than sulking over love. Valentine’s day is a great avenue to earn cool cash. Think of how you can exploit the event of the day and make money from it. If you can’t come up with ideas on how to make money on Valentine’s day, then occupy yourself with your usual work activities.

Spend the day developing yourself as opposed to scowling and throwing tantrums.

Have Fun with Family and Friends 

Family and friends are wonderful companions, spend quality time with them if they are free. You all could eat great meals, and have fun.

Agape love, is equally a beautiful kind of love.

Shake it Off

Dancing is a great way to shake off any negative feeling. Turn on the music and dance! dance! dance! That day could end up being your favorite Valentine’s day.

Self-love is beautiful, embrace it wholeheartedly. Be your own best friend and enjoy your own company. In the end, what we truly have is ourselves. Love you, and enjoy being with you.

Finally, in the words of Aristotle, “Happiness is the sole good of man.” Ensure you are happy on Valentine’s day, even if you are as single as the number, 1.

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