“Knee on the Neck” – A Metaphor for Black Slavery?

In recent times, the murder of African-American, George Floyd, has been bubbling with various comments on social media – most of them expressing great sorrow, loss, and anguish over his undeserved death. In the video, we see a white policeman with his knees on George’s neck, ignoring his pleas for life. After the man finally removed his leg; it was noticed that the black-American, George Floyd, was limp and unresponsive. After taken to the hospital, his death was finally confirmed.

In similar context, it might be interesting to note that another black; Armaud Aubery, was murdered some weeks ago, while having a late evening jog, by some white policemen. How is it, then, that the same people who are supposed to protect us and support order in societies are the same people causing mayhem and disaster?

 I mean, do these policemen still harbour hate and racism in their hearts, even in this 21st century? One cannot help but ask.

George Floyd, a man whose life was probably oblivious to us suddenly became an overnight sensation – with celebrities and non-celebrities alike, protesting for justice, equality and fair treatment. However, despite all the condolences and cries for justice, some whites were still posting pictures and videos – mocking George Floyd’s death, and in essence the black race as a whole! How preposterous does that sound?

What this hopes to tell us is that there will always be people, regardless of race, who will want to prove a superiority that does not exist – and a hate that should have been long forgotten. It speaks that inequality of justice and bigotry will probably be an infection which we might never be able to cure in the system.

Nevertheless, we should take note that all this is a mind-set, and a mentality – albeit a cruel one. We can each strive to create a new normal: One based on selfless and unrequited love to all humans regardless of class or race. We should care to know that like eggs, which may have different texture, colour, or “freshness”; on the inside, we all the same.

So, take this mentality into the new week, as you start your day. Make it a priority to show love and selflessness. Embrace the virtues of equality and fairness. Do not let a day go without making someone smile; after-all, that’s the start of opening your heart and being compassionate to others.

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