We grew up learning that only a woman knows the real father of her child, a man can never be too sure. Therefore, for the longest time, women have used this advantage to deceive men and commit what is known as paternity fraud.

People often say that most firstborns are probably not their father’s child because women could sleep with multiple men and pin the pregnancy on the most successful or the man that is ready for marriage. Before their wedding night, some women have a tradition of giving their ex-boyfriend goodbye sex. This sometimes leads to pregnancy and the husband ignorantly raises another man’s child as his.

Nevertheless, science has made it possible for men to know if their supposed children are theirs. Via a DNA test, you can discover if a child is yours or not. Lately, people have been coming out to share their stories of paternity fraud, and the story and death of Mr. Tunde Thomas, whose wife flew to the USA and informed him that their kid’s actual father is her boss, the MD of FCMB have sparked tremendous debate on the issue of paternity fraud.

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This sad story has ignited in many men the need of conducting a DNA test. A lot of women are still opposing the idea, saying DNA testing is a breach of trust. However, Nigeria is the second-highest country with paternity fraud globally. Therefore, it is only fair for men to start conducting DNA tests before signing the birth certificate. 

People often say a DNA test is expensive. Well, training someone else’s child is even more expensive. So choose wisely.

There are various centers to have a DNA test conducted in Nigeria, and prices range from less than #100,000 to #250,000 naira. It is not as expensive as they make it seem. If a woman can purchase bone straight hair for as high as #350,000, then don’t let anyone manipulate you into staying away from conducting a DNA test if you can afford it.

Certainty is better than blind trust, hop on the DNA train, and be sure your kids are yours. Remember, if you are relocating to Canada as a family the DNA test results of your kids are part of the requirements. Don’t wait until then to find out the truth, your life might have already been far too gone. Like all problems, early detection is better.

Say NO to paternity fraud and embrace the idea of conducting a DNA test before signing the birth certificate. Also, those who engage in paternity fraud should be made to face jail time. Paternity Fraud should be considered a criminal act by the law.

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