The Eagle Who Couldn’t Soar.

The  Eagle Who Couldn’t  Soar.

The sun went to eat its supper and the moon came with the stars. The beauty of the darkness brought to mind the tale of a bird.

Once upon a time, an eaglet grew up with zero confidence for he was called ugly and weak from birth. He grew up and couldn’t fly above the nest of his birth. Everyone told him his wings were not strong enough. Whenever he tried to fly he wouldn’t go high. He watched others soar high from the sidelines. Soon, the other eagles tagged him a disgrace to eagles. Some called him “Chicken”. A mistake among his kind.

His mother looked at him with reproach in her eyes. His father disapproved of him and considered him a waste. Sometimes, his younger sister would soar high into the sky, and would purposely defecate on him, and all would laugh while he cried.

His age-mates grew up and made their nests, but he didn’t. They only came home once in a while to share their amazing tales, but he had none to tell. All he could do was listen. He didn’t live, he only existed under the mercy of the crumbs other eagles brought back to the nest.

One day, while the other eagles were out flying, a strong wind swept through the jungle pulling down trees, including the nest of the frail eagle. He fell badly and bruised his already fragile wings. The eagle limped around the jungle and found a flock of chickens. They got scared when they saw an eagle approaching their domain. The mother Hen became protective of her own, but the bruised eagle maintained his distance. He stayed there quietly, looking at the chickens. They could not fly high just like him. “Lucky them,” he thought. “No one expects them to go higher, but the world expects me to soar very high.” He remained there, making the ground his nest.

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Soon, the flock of chickens observed he was harmless and decided to give him some of their feed. One day, a little chick asked him, “Why are you not flying high in the sky? why are you here?” He replied, sadly. “I’m weak.” However, the enthusiastic chick replied loudly, “You are an eagle, you are strong by nature. You can’t be weak!” “I am weak” muttered the eagle. Then the chick said to him, “We are what we believe we are. If you believe you’re weak, you will never be strong. Your willpower affects your ability.” In protest, the eagle said, “My mom said I was born weak. It’s my nature! Besides, I am ugly, and God doesn’t like ugly!” “But he creates them anyway!” Retorted the chick! “So your mom is the architect of your failure. We are what we settle for.” Said the hen who had been listening quietly to their conversation. 

“It is hard being an eagle.” cried the eagle as he threw himself hard on the ground. “It is hard being anything.” replied the hen. “For instance, being a chicken is difficult. We are weak and are prey on by many predators. It is hard for us to survive. Still, there is no excuse for failure. We must all strive to rise above the odds stacked against us.” The hen ended calmly.

An old cock, who had been listening silently rose to his feet and started pacing. 

“Dear young eagle, “he said in a firm but calm voice. “Do not allow the opinions of others to define you. Believing what people say you are, is the beginning of failure. Be arrogant enough to reject their predictions and write your destiny! When they say you’re weak, prove them wrong. When they say you’re strong, show them you’re stronger than they can imagine. When they praise you, don’t take it to heart, for people tell too many lies. Don’t go through life hindering yourself just because you grew up being termed weak. Be the architect of your fate for you will suffer the consequences alone.”

After the Cock ended his speech everyone fell silent. The sun went home for a break, and the stars and the moon came to work. The eagle silently thought about all he was told and decided to believe in himself. 

The next day, he tried to fly, but couldn’t go high. He kept trying relentlessly day after day and the chickens cheered him on. With time his flight got higher and better.

After a while, he no longer flew like a chicken but like an EAGLE. He soared higher and higher and made a nest of his own on one of the tallest trees in the jungle. He also traveled far and wide, crossing seas and mountains, while savoring the beauty of nature. The other eagles were speechless. His family was stunned by his improvement. Some speculated all sorts of theories but he didn’t care. 

Every year he paid a visit to the flock of chickens that helped him. Though he was an eagle they were his family, because family is not just about blood. 

Moral Lesson

Nature does not make us weak or inferior. Our mindset does. When they tag us as weak or inferior compared to others, we unwisely accept that as who we are. Our beliefs can either be our paralysis or our drive towards success. 

Also, cut off toxic people and naysayers from your life. Hang around positive people and you will bloom. Frankly, family is not all about blood ties. It is about who was there for you in your darkest nights. Ensure to keep trying until you get it right.

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