Updates on BBNaija (Lockdown).

Even with all the trauma and unrest that has chosen to define the year 2020. BigBrother Naija, the Biggest and Hottest African Reality T.V Show returned to our screens on Sunday the 19th of July 2020.

If winning big was a picture this would be the face!

The popular reality show came with a bang, as it seems the pandemic has zero effects on the organizers. In fact, the house was stunningly decorated, and the prize for this year’s winner is bigger, better and enviable. In its tradition of winner takes it all, the emerging winner this season 5, goes home with a package worth eighty-five million naira. Amazing!

The theme of this year’s show is; BigBrother Naija (Lockdown). This doesn’t mean the show won’t be spicy. No! It promises to be so hot that It will keep viewers locked in! 

Unlike the usual 99 days, this time, the show will run for a period of 71 days. Imagine becoming a multimillionaire in just 71 days?  A feat a host of persons couldn’t attain even after bustling and hustling for life. Little wonder it is the biggest show in Africa and contestants are bound to bring their A-game.

This season has Betway as its headline sponsor and Guinness as the gold sponsor. 20 contestants will aim to warm their way into the hearts of viewers. These contestants consist of 10 damsels, and 10 suave young men.

They introduced themselves as;

  • OZO
  • KA3NA
  • NEO
  • LILO
  • ERIC
  • LUCY
  • VEE
  • TOCHI.

Voting Power.

Voting power remains with the audience, however, the number of online votes you have is determined by your Gotv or Dstv package. The higher your package, the higher the number of times you can vote online. You have to give it to Multichoice, they know how to milk their audience.

Twitter’s Reaction to the Show.

Twitter was very receptive to the show, as the trend list was filled with hashtags concerning the show, and names of new housemates. Reactions on Twitter have always played an interesting role in Big Brother Naija. The housemate that trends the most, normally has the largest fan base and is most likely to get to the finals or win. 

Here are the names of three housemates that trended the most during the opening ceremony, and the reasons they trended!


Dorathy hails from Delta and trended heavily on the 19th due to her shape. The damsel that is well endowed with massive boobs became one of the fans favorite. As people swore to keep her in the house for the view she carries. Ya! In big brother Naija, anything could turn out to be your lucky star.


This Ijaw beauty was showered with compliments for her beauty and trended notably. The endowed former contestant of MBGN (Top 5) has an amazing figure. In fact, she grew from 12.6 thousand followers on Instagram, to over 100 thousand followers within just 24 hours. Wow! 


Laycon is a rapper and singer that hails from Lagos state. He claims he is a sex enthusiast, which according to him means, he loves having intelligent conversations on sex. Unlike the others, Laycon was heavily trolled on twitter for his outfit that had lights, as well as his appearance. He was branded with all sorts of vile names. Some called him a thief, a drug abuser, a poor twat that doesn’t belong, and he was predicted to be the first to get evicted. 

Nevertheless, the trolls forgot that Bad Publicity does not exist. Thanks to him getting trolled, he has amassed a great fan base and even celebrities have come out to root for him. His rap song also got 100 thousand streams on audiomack within 24 hours. Their hate made him stronger!

Trust me when I say these three names are potential finalists. You are free to save this post.

Head of House.

The head of the house game was a game of luck and not wit. Nengi and Neo tied on several occasions, but Nengi emerged as the winner, and appointed Wathoni (Who is partly Kenya) as her deputy. They will both have exclusive access to the HOH lounge. 

The house is lively though fights and drama are yet to unfold. Let’s keep our fingers crossed as I promise to be your plug for interesting BBN updates. Relax and let me take care of you. Bye for now!

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