What To Do When You Feel Unsafe?

A lot of times we have that worried feeling whenever we are in a crowded place or among some group of people, or in an unsafe environment, and as a result of this we withdraw socially, and we tend to focus on anything that will help us escape this feeling.

To be honest, a large number of us don’t feel safe, most of the time, even with people we are familiar with, there is this unstable feeling we get and that puts fear in us.
What Do We Do?

  • Admit The Problem: You can’t solve what you aren’t aware of, whenever you feel unsafe, people around you will notice, due to sudden changes, so try to admit it and not cover it up.
  • Talk To The People Around You: Talk to anyone around, and get the necessary help you can get. Most times when I feel unsafe or uncomfortable, I try to start a conversation with the people around me, for some reason, that feeling begins to die down, and I get a bit relaxed.
  • Leave the Environment: It’s as simple as that, whenever you don’t feel unsafe in public, leave that place and go somewhere safer.
  • Make An Emergency Call: If you don’t still feel safe, even after having a one on one conversation with the people around you, and you can’t leave the environment, then make an emergency call, and tell them someone is making you feel unsafe if you think that’s not enough reason to inform the police, it is and it should be viewed that way.

Have you ever felt unsafe? What did you do? Kindly share your experience with us in the comment section, Thank you.

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