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“Women do not cheat because they respect their bodies”- BBNaija’s Ifuennada says

BBNaija's Ifuennada believes men should not be applauded for staying faithful in a relationship

The actress turn reality star believes women have the ability to “outcheat” men if they wanted to.

Big Brother Naija’s star, Ifuennada believes women have the ability to cheat on men to great effect if they wanted to, but they only do not do so because they respect their bodies.

Well, cheating is not a new occurrence in relationships. Many relationships have crumbled because of traces or confirmation of cheating.

Perhaps, many are of the opinion that men are the ones who cheat the most in a relationship while some would say otherwise.

It seems Ifuennada also supports the motion that men cheat the most as she shared a few words on her Instagram story about cheating.


According to her, men shouldn’t be applauded for being faithful in a relationship, but women should be gratified.

“Some men speak of cheating as though it is their birthright,” she began.

“Men are polygamous but they forget that women have the capacity to ‘outcheat’ them if they want, but we stay elevated regardless because what’s the point in disrespecting one’s body.”

“I hate it when a man thinks he should be applauded for being faithful.

“Yes you should applaud me for sticking with your ass when I can easily have 10 of you with one phone call,” she concluded.

Ifuennada was a contestant for the BBNaija season three season, which took place three years ago.


As an actress, she has won the AMAA award for the best young and promising actor for her role in the movie O-Town.

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