Tuesday, September 28, 2021

BBNaija: Is the Show Destructive to the Mental Health of Housemates?

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Obviously, the path to winning a massive price worth ninety million naira is not expected to be a walk in the park. Nevertheless, how far is too far? 

At some point, Kayvee had a mental breakdown which led to him exiting the show. Are the other housemates about to tread the same path? 

An Analysis on Ways the Housemates’ Mental Wellbeing are Strained

The Isolation Phase

Firstly, how mentally healthy is it to place people in isolation without their phones, family, friends? Then immediately after that phase, they are released into a competitive house of strangers.

Isolation might be necessary due to the coronavirus, however, stripping them off their phones is a step too far, and should be reconsidered. That way they would avoid being solitary mentally. Peoples’ mental health needs to be highly valued.

Life in the House

Today, Emmanuel broke down in tears during his diary session. It appears the question directed at him by Ebuka last Sunday pierced him deeply. Seeing him sob beg the question of just how far the game affects the emotional states of the housemates.

Just when it felt like Emmanuel is going through a lot emotionally, Big-brother offered his love interest Liquorose, one hundred tokens and two hundred Abeg naira to avoid him till her next diary session. This might be an interesting prank, but the timing appears to be disinterested in Emmanuel’s emotional stability. The young man just finished sobbing and he is being set for more emotional distress.


Also, after the nomination show on Monday, Angel has been in her feelings and far from her usual bubbling self. While this can be perceived as a strategy to emotionally blackmail the viewers, what if staying in the house has taken a toll on her emotionally? It was also disclosed by fellow housemates that before the nomination games she was summoned to the diary room and returned in tears.

Furthermore, Saskay being up for eviction three times in a row got her breaking down emotionally. The 21-year-old mentioned she was considering optioning for a voluntary exit. Moreover, her best friend and love interest Jaypaul was evicted in the last eviction show leaving her with a deep sense of loneliness.

In addition, the use of veto power to save and replace fellow housemates have proven to be emotionally draining to both the replaced and the one that does the replacement. The one that does the replacement ends up feeling guilty which is a heavy burden to bear in an enclosed space. 


The Big Brother Naija platform is valuable and has aided in elevating the lives of housemates both past and present. Nevertheless, it is now necessary to make room to care for the housemates mentally throughout their stay in the house.

Here are some suggestions:

Weekly Therapy Sessions. Just as they have diary sessions, they should have therapy sessions with a certified therapist.

They should be allowed to use their phones in isolation before the show commences. That way they won’t be completely isolated. Honestly, doing this won’t affect the show detrimentally. 

Veto power usage should be optional.

Putting them all up for eviction is better than weekly nominations. This way a particular set of housemates won’t be up every time.

Tasks styles should be diversified to inculcate different strength areas. This way people won’t feel like losers when in actuality the tasks are designed to suit a particular skill area.


Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. Being selected into the BBN platform is a big deal so it is expected to be tasking. Nevertheless, housemates shouldn’t be overly stretched mentally. 

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