All You Need To Know About Wakanda Coming To Life In Senegal.

One of the very many things that swept Black Panther Fans off their feet and got them really excited about watching the “Black Panther” movie, was the way the fictional country “Wakanda” was depicted in the movie. It captivated the viewers so much that they wished there was actually such a place in Africa.

Oh well. There is good news guys. A Real-Life Wakanda will be built in Senegal, West Africa with the very known R&B Singer “Akon” being the visionary of this US $6 billion projects, which he calls the Akon City.

This Futuristic City will have everything a city has, including its own cryptocurrency and the latest technologies, with the hope that this city would be the beginning of Africa’s Future. Akon said the construction of this city would begin in 2021.

According to the Akon City Website. The City will be powered by Solar Energy. This City would contain a casino, sea-side resort, restaurants, shopping mall, luxury homes, and the likes. All open spaces will be planted with native trees and flowers with the intention of making a stroll through the city feel like a walk in a creative man-made forest.

Akon admits he doesn’t know how all his plans would come to action but he would hire people who are knowledgeable about these technologies to work on the job.

The dream is to create jobs for the Senegalese and create a “home back home” for the African-Americans around the world. So if you are from Europe or America or any other part of the world, and you plan on Visiting Africa, the whole plan is that Senegal will be your first stop. Akon City to be precise.

Akon City will be located in Mbodienne, 62 miles outside the capital of Senegal, Dakar. Well if you’ve ever had any doubt about the attractiveness of Senegal and Africa in general, I think you should brace yourself up because Akon City has come to clear all that doubts and trust me when I say, It’s a tourist city on a whole different level.

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