Alternative Christmas Celebration

Christmas as I have known it from childhood is celebrated with the preparation of delicious meals (after attending mass or service). On that day, my mom would spend most of her day in the kitchen cooking various delicacies. One could equally hear the boisterous sound of our neighbor’s kitchen utensils, for it seems everyone cooks on Christmas day, especially rice. 

After cooking and eating, most families simply spend the rest of the day at home serving guests. However, some dress up fancily to hang out in cool places only to find it crowded. Others engage in visitations. All these are cool and made our childhood fun. Still, this is like a yearly tradition and like all traditions it is old, and an alternative should be tried.

As opposed to spending a beautiful day like Christmas sweating profusely in the kitchen, serving guests, visiting people, or simply hanging out knowing everywhere will be crowded, you can spend it cozily.

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Imagine, spending Christmas lodging in a hotel with your family. You could stream service online, and make donations to the less privileged. Remember, Christ is the reason for the season, and showing love is the greatest. Also, mom doesn’t have to spend her time cooking, rather everyone can get treated to a wide range of dishes both foreign or local. What a heavy burden lifted off her motherly shoulders. At noon, all can go down to the poolside and have a cool family swim. Nice right? It will also be refreshing, and holidays are a chance to get refreshed.

Everyone could also go get pampered at the spa and enhance their beauty as a family. Families that slay together stay together. Trust me the fun does not have to end there. Get a nice massage from a masseur or a masseuse. Ohhhhh! Those gentle yet satisfying touches are what you need to relax your bones, a great way to show love unto yourself. Christmas is a day to show love, and one of the best kinds of love is self-love. Frankly, people don’t show themselves enough love. Christmas is a perfect opportunity to do that.

Furthermore, Play games, take great photos, dress up for a sumptuous family dinner. Dinner will be fun and characterized by echoes of happy laughter and tales since everyone has had a great day. 

Finally, when the kids are off to bed and day has gone to eat its supper, step into your dancing shoes and step into the club and have a swell time. Burst those moves and give yourself a December to remember. Wrap it up by having a salt bath with your spouse inside the bathtub lace with fragrant candles. You could even make babies or just create bountiful memories.

I had to pause at intervals when writing this piece just to smile. Try this beautiful idea for your next Christmas and thank me later. 

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