Every Woman Needs To See This.

Every Woman Needs To See This.

I’m going to say some things you’ve probably heard before, I know it’s not going to be new to you, but you are also likely to hear something you’ve never heard before.

You are beautiful, loving, caring, strong, valuable and important, say that to yourself everyday when you look in the mirror and act upon it. It increases your self-worth.

As a woman, I want you to know your value matters a lot, you worth more than you think, so don’t ever settle for less, and you start settling for less, when you don’t know your worth. A lot of times we condone men who disrespect us and can’t treat us right, forgetting who we actually are. You are important, so never allow anyone make you feel otherwise.

As a lady learn how to set a standard for yourself, make boundaries, let people know their limits in your life.

I want every lady reading this to pay attention to what I’m about to say now. Please know the difference between a man who flatters you, views you as property, spends money on you, lusts after you, talk to you only when they are bored and you are the only one available, and a man who compliments you, invests in you and views you properly. The difference is everything.

Everyone makes mistakes, and It’s okay if you didn’t know your
worth before, but by the reason of this post, I hope you are beginning to see things clearly and know you worth more than you imagine.

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