Renting a house in Nigeria is not an easy task. To attain the perfect house is difficult, and when you make the mistake of renting a house that is not suitable, the consequences are appalling.

Imagine paying two years worth of rent for an uncomfortable apartment? It means you just signed up for two years of great discomfort. A tale that ends with bitter regrets.

Agents that assist people secure houses in Nigeria, are infamous for being desperate to close deals and get paid. Be mindful of them, else they would sweet talk you into renting a death trap. 

No matter how desperate you are to get an apartment, here are four things you should look out for before settling for an apartment and paying the rent.



Location is as vital as the house itself. When you attain a new apartment, you embrace a new environment. Therefore, ensure the location is one worth embracing. Renting a house in an unsafe location is a wrong move that you will regret in the long run.

Apart from security, your apartment should be located in a place from which you can access basic amenities like health care, food, and lots more. Additionally, your place of work and worship should not be distant from where you rent a house. Kindly flee from renting a house in a location that is normally flooded, has bad roads, lacks electricity and clean water. 

No matter how nicely a house is built in Nigeria, if the location is not great, let it go.


A house that is not properly ventilated, should be avoided at all cost. Sadly most houses in Nigeria are not well ventilated. It is as if Nigerian landlords have a personal vendetta against their tenets breathing well. Some apartments are built in such a way that the residents feel suffocated and hot.

A home without proper ventilation tends to be dark even during the day. Life is hard for the blind, so do not accept a place that would make you spend your days in darkness when electricity is absent. The worst is when the kitchen is not properly ventilated. It makes cooking a toil. Trust me, you would regret living in a place that lacks adequate ventilation.

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Housing Structure 

Do not let anyone sweet talk you into renting a poorly structured house. Some rooms are so small, two people cannot move around comfortably. Imagine paying good money just to live in a cubicle disguised as a house. That should never be you.

Some kitchens are built as a punishment room and not a place to prepare food with love. They are so tiny one can barely turn, yet they are poorly ventilated. In place of love, sweat becomes a constant ingredient used in the preparation of meals. How disgusting! Fantasies like making out in the kitchen while cooking become alien to you, and if you have a flair for peppery food; you could get yourself and everyone around you choked up.

Cost of Rent

From experience, it is easier to make the first rent payment, however, consequent payments can be burdensome.  You must start what you can maintain. Accordingly, only move into a house you are confident in without a flinch of doubt that you will not struggle to pay the rent.

The cost of rent in some parts of Nigeria is ridiculous. Shun any apartment you will toil to pay the rent.


Renting an appropriate house in Nigeria is not easy, but if you keep desperation aside and follow the advice of this piece, you will end up with the apartment that is right for you.

Godspeed in your search!

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