Is it your first real relationship or your first after a long while? It’s normal for you to ask yourself if this is real love, especially because you are in the middle of a new romance.

Sometimes you get a little bit confused, feeling the person is doing the most, or it’s too soon, or maybe it feels too good to be true, and you feel it’s not real. Well, here are 5 signs to know it’s real love, and that you are in it.

I’ll start by defining what “True Love” is.
True Love is a strong and lasting affection between spouses or lovers who are in a happy, passionate, and fulfilling relationship.

What Real Love Feels Like

  • It just feels ideal: Love is not a bed of roses, as problems arise one way or the other, but even in the midst of all that, you still feel like you are on the right path.
  • You choose them always: Now your partner isn’t flawless, neither are you, but despite all their flaws, you still choose them, believing your love for him/her is stronger than any imperfection.
  • You face tough times and come out stronger: Every relationship at one point gets tested, you face difficulties, that only a relationship built in a solid foundation, can withstand. If your relationship has gone through hard times, and it came out stronger and better, then you can bet you are on the right track.
  • You are comfortable around this person: If you can be the goofiest you can ever imagine yourself to be, in front of this person, you can bring out the side of you, no one has ever seen, around this person, then that’s real love and you don’t have to doubt it.
  • It’s more than physical attraction: If you are only physically attracted to this person, be sure it’s fake because beauty can fade away, but when you find yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, social and any wise attracted to this person, sweetheart, don’t fight it, it’s love, and it’s not just love, it’s true love.

We tend to fight love all the time, that even when we see it and feel it, we deny it. Forget what society tells you, Love is a beautiful thing, if you find it, hold unto it and cherish it forever, because it’s hard to find one these days.

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