Close your eyes for a second and imagine being all tied up and thrown into a metal drum. If you are claustrophobia then this is bad enough. Alas! This situation is not the worse in this narration. 

Just when you think you have been handed your worse fate your ears pick up the sound of the drum being gruesomely sealed. Simultaneously, a hole is drilled at the lower part of the left side of the metal drum. The noise is deafening and disturbing but your fear triumphs above it all.

The driller works with caution not out of care for your helpless soul but because he is used to following instructions. Your thoughts are running wild as you are wondering what in God’s name is happening to you. Out of human instinct, you foolishly kick vigorously but you are the only one getting hurt. You scream at the top of your voice but your outcry is like music to the ears of your oppressors. 

Suddenly, you feel being lifted from the ground.  ‘What is about to happen? What do they plan to do to me?’ You wonder in panic, but like Jon Snow, you know nothing.

Then the next thing you noticed is that you have been thrown into the sea. Wow! What a cruel way to go. Your chance of floating is crushed as water penetrates the drum from the drilled hole. You suffocate to death and die alone inside a rusty drum at the bottom of the sea. This painful plight is similar to living an unhappy life.

4 Factors that Cause an Unhappy Life

If You Hate Your Job

According to statistics, we spend ⅓  of our lives at our workplace. Therefore, if you hate your job you will be cranky, unhappy and miserable. Dear reader, ensure you love what you do and find fulfilment in your job.

Also, a toxic work environment should not be endured. Toxic workplaces are draining and a job you do not love is nothing but a chore. Imagine spending 1/3 of your life during chores? Ewwwwww. You deserve better.

A Toxic Relationship

Your relationship ought to make you sparkle and glow even during tough times. In this voyage of life, your partner should be your cheerleader and safe place. Spending your life in a toxic relationship is the recipe for an unhappy life. If you enjoy a toxic relationship see a therapist. It is abnormal behaviour to choose toxicity over peace. 

Dear reader, desist from toxic relationships. Your beautiful soul deserves joy, peace and love.

A Toxic Family

They say family is everything but the exception to this is a toxic family. When you are connected to a toxic family that saps out the positivity and joy in your existence, you are going to lead an unhappy life. 

Cutting ties from a toxic family is essential for your happiness and mental health. 


Addiction is a hot meal of unhappiness. The euphoria you gain from an addictive substance or habit is fickle. However, the destruction can be permanent and life-threatening. 

Addiction can be likened to relinquishing your power and control to someone else. A contemporary example of slavery. Listen, You flee from all forms of addiction. It is arguably better to not love anything than to be addicted to anything.

Life is short and can only be lived once. Therefore, make sure you live a happy life. Anything that snatches your happiness is not for you. Throw it away and never give it a second look. 

Dear reader, you deserve nothing less than happiness. Be happy dear one.

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