Relationships and Money.

Though you might live in a cage, or you are so uninformed you don’t know the president of your country, without an atom of doubt I am sure you must have heard or read various takes of the role of money in a relationship. Some of these takes make me cringe, though I approve of some.

Many have opined that without financial stability you shouldn’t be in a relationship, especially for the male gender. Money is now viewed as a necessity whilst dating and this a sentiment shared widely. The saying, “Love is sweet but with money, it is sweeter” is now like an anthem.

Today, I will be sharing my thoughts on this issue. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride into my thoughts on relationships and money.

Why Isn’t the Broke Narrative Going Both Ways?

I strongly believe that what is good for the goose is good for the gander. If it is wrong for a man to date whilst broke, it is equally wrong for a woman to date without financial stability. We might be different in genders but we all have two hands and ten fingers. The unnecessary pressure on men to work, fend for themselves, and love interests are detrimental to the well-being of our society. Little wonder they engage in criminal activities way more than the female gender. 

If money is a necessity for a successful relationship, then both parties must be told so. It is wrong to constantly hammer on men to go make money before searching for love without maintaining the same energy for their female counterparts. As we aim for a society with equal opportunities for all irrespective of gender, we need to do away with the myopic thought of what a man is meant to provide. The idea of, “my money is my money, but a man’s money is our money” should be thrown away. Having your bag as a lady is the best way to earn respect.

Money Should Never Be the Basis of a Relationship.

There is nothing wrong with having class and wanting the best things in life. Trust me, life is too short to settle for having three square meals per day. Vacations and other luxuries should be a part of the plan and it takes money to achieve this. Well, ladies and gentlemen, it is for this reason you need to get a job and create multiple streams of income for yourselves. Don’t go into a relationship for money, it is not a money-making scheme. Go get yourself a job! Your boyfriend is not your boss, he doesn’t owe you money. Kindly read on how to earn whilst you sleep.

Please, no matter how rich your partner is they don’t deserve a liability. If you go into a relationship for money, when things get tough you won’t be able to stay. Divorce cases are rampant because people go into relationships and consequently marriage for the wrong reasons. Compatibility, companionship, mutual respect, and love should be the basis of any given relationship. A host of individuals are in abusive relationships because they can’t walk away from the relationship since their partner is their provider.Β 

We honestly need to stop painting the narrative that the goal of a relationship is financial support. Narratives of this sort have led young women into having affairs with married men, consequently leading to more broken homes. 

Everyone Deserves Love, but Set Your Priorities Right.

Being financially unstable does not make you less human. You have a right to love and be loved. However, set your priorities right.Β  You shouldn’t be investing time in a relationship when you should be investing in your future. If you meet a partner that wants to grow with you, it is fine. Nevertheless, don’t spend too much time chasing love when you should be chasing the bag. Well, if you can multitask then Godspeed to you.


Money makes life easy and would make a relationship more fun. Therefore, everyone (both male and female)  should get on their grind and strive to earn. If both parties are comfortable, you will spoil each other with gifts and love. Nevertheless, don’t date someone simply because they have money, and don’t mistake provision for care. Some people are so wealthy they can afford to spend on you without caring about you. Stay blessed!

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