The enraged man revealed that he hasn’t been able to find motivation since the incident occurred.

A bitcoin trader has revealed his ordeal after his mother tossed away a broken Laptop containing cryptocurrency valued at $557 million (N234 billion).

The anonymous man took to the social media platform Reddit to reveal this unfortunate incident.

According to him, he bought 10,000 Bitcoin back in 2010 when cryptocurrency first hit the market, which only cost him $80 back then.

He said he bought it as a gamble after he was persuaded by his undergraduate friends to purchase the digital currency.

Not knowing its value then, he stored the keys on his broken laptop after transferring them to his USB to keep.

A few years later after cryptocurrency gained popularity, he remembered his stock and opted to seek it, with his mindset on fortunes.

Unfortunately for him, his mother had already tossed the broken laptop into the dumpster as she didn’t realise it was valuable.

“I fainted, I was angry, confused, shocked, in denial, sad, raged and so many other emotions,” he wrote.

Speaking about what followed, he stated that he was thrown into a state of mental meltdown and suffered from sadness ever since.

As he watched the uprise of bitcoin, he only became sad more as he despised his mother for tossing away the laptop.

“I am still broke, I still live with my parents, I am employed, but at a job, I hate, and have friends, but we don’t talk much, and life is just not the same as it used to be,” he added.

Many users of the social media platform questioned how true his tale was, but he reiterated that it was true.

What was said?

“I could have lived the most incredible great life and told the most epic tale about how my wealth came to be, but it never occurred.

“My life is spiralling downward; I am sad and feel miserable every day.

“Things aren’t the same as they used to be, and they never will be, because bitcoin has wrecked my life, or maybe I let it ruin my life, [I’m not sure].

“My hopes were all high and ecstatic within 24 hours, then down and horrible, and it has damaged me to this day and will continue to drag me down for whatever long I live I wish I am allowed to search the landfills I will.”

He also added that he had quit his job because he was not motivated to continue.

“For the fact I was a millionaire working in a store unknowingly for years breaks my heart. The amount of pain and severe depression cannot be explained.”


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