What Do People Talk About On First Dates?

What Do People Talk About On First Dates?

First dates? Very exciting and could be very disturbing as well. A lot of times, we are just so engrossed with the idea of a first date, that we leave some certain very important things.

I wrote a post on who is to pay for the meal on the first date, you should check that. Today we will be solely talking about “What do people talk about on first dates?” but then what really?

I don’t know for the men, but what I do know for women is that they get all anxious when it comes to first dates, and they are bothered with questions like, ” What if I run out of things to say?, What if I do too much?, what if I say something I’m not meant to say?” and many more.
If you’ve found yourself in this situation, it’s normal, especially if it’s your first time.

Here are some things you should talk about on your first date, you might want to pay attention

  • Start by creating a connection: You could just give a compliment on his/her outfit. For example, “this red dress suits you perfectly, it might just change my philosophy on the color” that compliment alone, can start a conversation.
  • Talk about something you are both aware of already: Okay, in a situation whereby he/she lives in your former neighborhood, you could ask him/her how long they’ve been living there, and bring up some old memories you had in that place, and watch out for his reaction, that will tell you, if he seems interested or he is getting bored.
  • Make the obvious known: If you are nervous about what to say, then talk about the environment, give your opinion about the food, and ask to know, if they’ve ever been to the proposed place before.
  • Pay attention to their response: Now watch out if the entire conversation is going one-sided, you are the only one talking, and the other person is just giving a one-word response, or whenever you ask something, they just change the whole conversation and bring up something totally off. Do watch out for that, if it’s from your end, try to make amends and ensure the conversation is both-sided.
  • Address Dealbreakers: If you know you don’t agree with a certain thing, ask them for their stance on that, that would prevent unnecessary issues in your relationship if it gets to that stage. For example, you are the religious type, or you are the feminist type, or you have a thing against bullying or rape, or something very serious as that, try to hear their thoughts on it and be able to decide if this person is worth a 2nd date.

There are so many important things to talk about on a first date. Stop asking irrelevant questions, I repeat stop asking irrelevant questions. Let your conversations be logical, and also be fun at the same time, and if you are not feeling it, there is no spark, it sucks more than eating out with a troublesome client, just know you can always leave. Do it respectfully and like a boss will.

Lastly, I have a question for you reading this. Is it right to ask on the first date for the person’s genotype?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this question and the entire post, please make use of the comments section below.

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